Writing 201 : Poetry — Time Will Tell

Thanks to the encouragement of my readers, I shall finish Writing 201 by this week. Here’s my take on Day 8’s theme Flavor, in the form of Elegy using poetic device Enumeratio.

Time Will Tell

At the slips of my finger I let you go
Not that I won’t catch you but I couldn’t
Into unknown future I don’t know
Leaving sadness behind only left torment

Days and months gone by
May, June, July and August
Not able to show even a single goodbye
Not a day went by without pain strongest

Every night I can taste the flavour of my tears
Sobbing gently afraid I would break again my broken heart
Did it mean nothing to you all those years?
What we built was beyond repair and fallen apart

They said time will heal
I wish for memories that have never been
Only time will tell
Seconds, minutes, hours, days until I get over you