Book Review: Leap Day by Wendy Mass

Genre : Young Adult
Format : Paperback
Rating : 5/5 stars

It all happened in the course of a day, a sweet 16th birthday, a leap day, a book humourous in its own way. Born on a leap day, Josie is about to celebrate her 16th birthday for the 4th time and the whole book revolved around Josie’s journey on her big day.

By reading the blurb I thought Josie was a psychic who could read other people’s mind but in fact what happened was the whole story was written in alternating chapters. One chapter written from Josie’s POV and it switched to everyone else’s POV in the next chapter, describing what everyone else was thinking and also their perception about Josie. And that’s what it means to be reading other people’s thoughts 🙂

Each of the characters has their own story told this way. Josie’s parents, her brother, her friends. As her morning started lots of events happened throughout the day, it was thoroughly fun to read what’s going on in Josie’s teenager’s life and it all build up to the mysterious lakeside finale which was a ritual for every 16 year old in the town.

I loved how Josie faced her challenges bravely by staying true to her values. She has a supportive family and a bunch of close friends who loved her for who she is. Try not to judge this book from an adult’s perspective instead read it as the things we went through as a teenager and this would be a rather relaxed and light read.

Book Review: Last Chance Angel by Alex Gutteridge

Genre : Young Adult, Paranormal
Price : RM9.90
Rating : 4/5 stars

When Jess is knocked off her bike in a traffic accident, she finds herself at the gates of heaven before her destined death date.

Given one last chance to say goodbye, she heads back to earth to visit friends and family in invisible form. But many secrets are revealed, and one shocking discovery presents Jess with the biggest choice she’ll ever have to make.

Jess’ story was told in a teenage light yet the theme that permeated the story wasn’t at all that light. At 14 years of age, she had to face her own incoming death, and while she was granted a chance to revisit her closed ones she could only do so without them knowing.

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Book Review: Amy & Roger’s Epic Detour by Morgan Matson

Genre : Young Adult, Contemporary, Travel, Romance
Format : eBook
Rating : 5/5 stars

All the pleasant views that passed me by, had left me hungry with American burgers sigh.

I know I don’t make sense but this is what I felt after reading this book. A light and enjoyable read!

Amy was suppose to stick to the travel plan that her mom planned out for her to get their car from California to Connecticut — west coast to east coast — now that’s a long journey! And since it wasn’t long after grieving for her dad’s loss in a car accident, Amy wasn’t ready to get behind the wheel.

That’s where Roger came in — as an old family friend according to mom — but Amy don’t remember him and he was no more than a stranger to her. Roger needs to make that trip too and he will be driving with Amy across country.

I was so excited to start this book and surely it didn’t disappoint. That’s an adventure of a lifetime!! A road trip across the wide continent!! Wow and I felt like I have traveled America with them.

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Book Review: Somewhere In Between by Katie Li

Genre : Fantasy, Young Adult, Romance
Format : eBook
Rating : 5/5 stars

Thank you NetGalley and publisher Kung Fu Girl Books for this ARC copy in exchange for an honest review.

Two friends find a portal to another dimension and use this “in-between place” to avoid the stress of their everyday lives. What they don’t realize is that every time they enter, they alter reality.

Just by reading this blurb stirred the remotest childhood fantasy that I once had. One that we’ve lost as we grew up, one that brought back the very happiness of reading a book and to get lost in it.

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Book Review: Passion by Lauren Kate (Fallen Series #3)

Genre : Romance, Young Adult, Paranormal
Format : eBook
Rating : 3/5 stars

At last… the momentum of this series picked up speed.

Luce has finally took charge of her own path and jumped (literally) into a portal to learn about her past. It’s like time travel backtracking the past and going through the story of each of her reincarnation backwards, gradually learning the truth — a little.

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Book Review: Torment by Lauren Kate (Fallen Series #2)

Genre : Romance, Young Adult, Paranormal
Format : eBook
Rating : 2/5 stars

If you’ve read the first book, I’m certain that you’ll be as puzzled as me.

Little was known about who Luce really was and the reason for her fatal attraction towards Daniel — the fallen angel — the love of her “lives”. Yep lives. Past lives.

Too many questions were raised about the origins but too little rewarding answers were revealed for the readers who had come this far on book one.

So I started book two, hoping that Ms. Kate would at least leave some breadcrumbs to satisfy the hunger of readers trying to walk out of the woods.

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Book Review: Fallen by Lauren Kate (Fallen Series #1)

Genre : Romance, Young Adult, Paranormal
Format : eBook
Rating : 2/5 stars

The reason I chose Fallen series was because I wanted to read some angels material for my Nano writing. From Goodreads this was one of the top books on the list, just behind Mortal Instruments. Since the story of Fallen was closer to what I wanted to read I chose to start this series first.

Here’s a brief telling of what the first book is about, from Goodreads:

What if the person you were meant to be with could never be yours?

17-year-old Lucinda falls in love with a gorgeous, intelligent boy, Daniel, at her new school, the grim, foreboding Sword & Cross . . . only to find out that Daniel is a fallen angel, and that they have spent lifetimes finding and losing one another as good & evil forces plot to keep them apart.

Get ready to fall . . .

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