Camera Lucida — Autumn Lane

I wish to have experienced autumn at least once in my life.

I could picture the wondrous scenery of nature changing colours into various shades of brown, orange and leaving the last hint of green behind.

While there’s no autumn in Malaysia, here’s a picture of a decoration flower which has colours that would make me imagine a sweet romantic autumn.



In response to this week’s Camera Lucida — Autumn Lane

Camera Lucida — The Colour of Life

thriving greens


The plants were barely living when we planted them,
One of it branches dying, leaves yellowed,
Another transferred to our home,
It was few months ago.
⭐ ⭐ ⭐
They are thriving,
Young leaves sprout into existence,
Green and teeming with life.

In response to this week’s Camera Lucida — The Colour of Life

Camera Lucida — Black and Green

In response to this week’s Camera Lucida — Black and Green

Amusingly if ‘Black and Green’ is translated into Chinese, it literally means ‘bruise’.
However the photo I’m going to share is far from that.


Beautiful black and green embroidered sombrero

This picture was taken in Mexico Pavilion when I visited the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai.

Here are several unique and pretty hats.


A luxury red and gold combination


Elegant silver weaved onto black sombrero