Food Review: PuRe Space 朴乐空间 @ Klang


PuRe Space 朴乐空间 @ Klang

Amidst the quiet town of Klang, there is a quieter place where you can rest your feet and nest comfortably to appreciate life’s simplicity. This place is called PuRe Space.

PuRe Space is a cottage turned B&B restaurant located at the end of the road. Bordering green lush trees, it is a quaint place to wind down with partner and friends for a private gathering.

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Food Review: Wan Tan Mee @ Indiana Cafe (Klang)


Outlook of Indiana Cafe

If you’re craving for a good old wan tan mee (雲吞面 aka dumpling noodles) in Klang, I would recommend a good place to go — Indiana Cafe.

Wan tan mee is a common street food which can be found practically in all food courts, however to find a tasty one requires an adventurous foodie soul.

It is a dish of egg noodles served with wan tan, slices of char siew (BBQ pork), leafy vegetables usually choy sum, garnished with spring onions and available in dry or in soup variation.

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22 Things To Consider For A High-Quality Restaurant Review

Just when I wonder how to improve my food review entries, I discovered this amazing post by Catherine on her blog “Cat the Critic”.

Cat the Critic


  1. Basic info. What’s the restaurant’s address? Is it a chain? What’s their phone number? Do they offer any cool specials or deals that readers would love to know?
  2. Make multiple visits. You won’t be able to get a complete feel for a restaurant on a single visit. Achieve consistency by eating there multiple times, at different times of the day. What’s lunch like? What’s 8PM like?
  3. The rushes. Does this restaurant handle lots of people well? Or is it like a congested street, hard to navigate and plain frustrating? You don’t want a reader to be turned off by a restaurant before he or she has a bite of the food.
  4. What is the crowd like? If there are lots of college students in a restaurant, you know it’s probably easy on the wallet. If it’s a lot of grown-ups in suits, you might want to rethink the situation. The…

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Food Review: San Hui Wei Steamboat Restaurant (SS2 PJ)

Steamboat is my absolute all time favourite ❤ Me and my hubby got ourselves a voucher deal for San Hui Wei restaurant so we went there yesterday for dinner. This food place is located in SS2 Petaling Jaya and they specialize in China Chong Qing steamboat. So be prepared to expect the very hot & spicy soup base 麻辣湯底!

Picture sourced from

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