Book Review: Peace and Plenty – Finding Your Path to Financial Serenity by Sarah Ban Breathnach

Genre : Non-Fiction, Self Help, Inspirational
Format : Owned book
Rating : 5/5 stars

In my opinion this is a book to pick up when intuition calls. I remembered more than 2 weeks ago I had the sudden urge to read this book (and it’s on a special day) so even though it’s a 600 page tome — due to its large print edition — I didn’t hesitate to begin my reading journey.

And I’m glad to say, this book came at the right time, just when I need to read this. The content resonates with me so well which is like what my May horoscope mentioned, it changed my core belief. I’m beginning to understand the meaning of change comes within, as the more I read, the more I yearn for contents like this.

Achieving financial serenity in our life will set everything in order and in place. A good lesson to get our money management in order.

I doubt that this would be a good book if it doesn’t bring out something in you and I would say this is a gem for those who chose this book to read at the right time.

Book Review: Practical Mindfulness by Ken A. Verni

Genre: Self Help, Spiritual
Format : Hardcover
Rating : 5/5 stars

This is a very good handbook for someone who wants to start practicing mindfulness and incorporate that into their lives. It offers a comprehensive guide and a step by step method in learning to be mindful and applying it daily. I’ve practiced some of the methods given and so far it has been useful and applicable.

I love the later section in the book which provided ways to practice mindfulness and applying it in life’s situation like learning a subject, facing exams, dealing with crisis, teaching it to children and etc.

The topics are conveyed in a compact manner spread across 2 pages yet contained profound wisdom.
I love the snippets of notes/tips that spreads across the pages which augmented the facts and doesn’t break the flow.

The Only Thing I Want for Christmas


Tall Christmas tree in a mall

Merry Christmas folks!

When the department stores are decked out with pine trees and snowy trinkets, the weather didn’t get any colder — because it’s a tropical country here — yet what it signified was, the end of year is near.

As I gathered my thoughts for a review of 2016 and plans for 2017, I wanted to share something I’ve learned for the past few days, and also some pretty photos I’ve snapped.

This Christmas I learned that instead of gifting physical gifts, why don’t we do something for a change and start to gift “experience”.


Glittering red baubles

Let’s give our loved ones something they can remember us by, gifts like preparing a home cook meal, a dinner for two, spa indulgence time, watch a comedy together, be healthy and exercise together, pick up the phone and call someone you’ve been missing or just spending time chatting with closed ones over a pot of tea.

These “experiences” helped create unique memories together with the people who matter most in the festive season and what could be better than receiving gift items that we sometimes may not want, right? 🙂


Pretty shining gold baubles

How would you spend your Christmas with your loved ones?

If only I have more time to write…

If you’re not a full-time writer, or if your day is so full of other tasks that you have little time to write, consider these alternative questions: if you could step into a machine that gave you more time, how would you structure your day? What would you write with this extra time?

Let’s say I was granted extra time to write everyday.

Let’s say 2 hours.

1 hour will be used to gather ideas by:

  • Going through the list of books I’ve read but haven’t reviewed
  • Daily prompts for writing inspiration
  • Checking out comments on my blog for inspiration
  • Checking out what other bloggers write, read & comment to spark ideas
  • Enroll in Bloggin U. courses like this one I’m taking now
  • Bookish events I did recently

And of course the next hour to write away! 🙂

And then I can write everyday!

But then by the end of 2 hours I will find that time is never enough!

True story… T_T

Unopened Letter

A letter from the past washed ashore,
Bottled up feelings hidden for years,
Trapped in the isolated island of emotions,
He penned the last of his sane notions.

Her shawl flew above soaring winds,
Clambering to catch the chance that slipped,
Waiting for the love that never returned,
Inside her heart only sadness burned.

A glint buried in sands caught her eye,
Unraveled the message that finally arrived,
Relief of his news answered her broken heart,
Gripped with loss again she is forever scarred.

Gift of Education

How true is that?

Sometimes it isn’t about how far you are from your goal but it’s how far you’ve come from.

You’ve studied, learned a topic and found out you’ve known so little; still it is better than studying nothing at all.

No glittering plaque from famous universities; no impressive career titles from Forbes 100 companies in possession.

But don’t despair, don’t give up, that doesn’t define who you are.

We can be the master in the knowledge that we seek. Just keep the fire of passion burning. The hunger for seeking answers alive.

And one day you will realize you’ve amassed a body of ocean.

That’s the gift of education.






The Space to Write

I wish I could say I write in an alfresco cafe at the side of a cobblestone walk, perched along the higher side of a sloping street, enclosed by buildings of 16th century in a modern Europe.

Hahahaha no…  that would be my dream place to write.

But in reality I sit cross-legged in front of a small coffee table and type away…

Dear readers, if you’re reading this or has been reading my posts/reviews and if you have any ideas/sparks/suggestions on what to write for an upcoming post, do drop them here.

Thank you for helping me out in this part of my Blogging U. writing assignment 😉

P/S: Jessica if you’re reading this, do know that you are wonderful by giving me lots of ideas and topics to write 😀

Are We Alone?


There is a change in my reading preference as of late.

Shelves used to be adorned by books that left me pondering its meaning for days; and there was a time when romantic love stories dominated those wooden racks; now my penchant for science fiction stories has seen the space in between filled up.

Thanks to Mr. Card, I am now a budding fan of science fiction novels.

The great minds had opened up vast possibilities of unknown.

Awake, these stories shall bring me on a spectacular futuristic travel.

Asleep, these stories will manifest in dreams of the wildest space exploration.