5 Things In My House That Makes It Home Sweet Home

Nothing beats coming home after a tiring day out, to rest on the beckoning couch after a day’s work or simply waking up on a lazy Sunday to the comfort of our home.

What makes my home, a home? Here are the 5 things that makes it homely:

  1. My bed and comforter. It’s so cozy to snuggle in. Oh and the cat plush toy who resides there.
  2. My piano. May it be practice or playing for fun, this black beauty is my life.
  3. My kitchen. Ever since I got a new kitchen to myself, it’s a pleasure having to learn to cook, bake and cook up something I’ve never done before.
  4. My couch. Sitting there reading, doze off, watch TV, listen to music, it’s a relaxation spot.
  5. My books and reading corner. I’m slowly filling up my bookcase and a reading spot alternating between my couch and the beanbag with a small table for my cup of tea.

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Home Turf.”

* Picture from http://mudrayogastudio.com/