Catch Of The Day – RM5 Fiesta 2016

I can’t sit still when I knew that the Popular RM5 Fiesta has made a comeback in September. I could never in the world miss this event!

My sci-fi pile has grown ever since I delved into that genre, I was hyperventilating (almost) when I found Pathfinder series — HARDCOVER!! — alas they only have book 2 and 3, so I have to buy book 1 separately to complete the collection.

Picked up scattered Hitchhiker’s guide too — hoping one day I could complete the collection.

Oh and I terribly regretted not buying the whole series of Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments in the MPH sale few months ago… thus I just grabbed the only book that’s there 😥 Secretly hoping again to complete yet another collection.

Here’s my treasure loot *grinning from ear to ear* ❤


Fiction Pile


Sci-Fi Pile


Non Fiction Pile

Catch Of The Day – Book Haul While I Was Away

I couldn’t resist whenever there’s an MPH Warehouse Sale. As I remembered there were less crowd in the sweltering hot afternoon and the place was only powered by electrical fans.


Despite the heat that made browsing uncomfortable, I kept digging looking for treasures from the book pile.

Chinese books were scattered all over but I had fun searching for them because at a 90% discount, these books were the cheapest I’ve came across any sales!

Super delighted to have found especially Japanese to Chinese translated literature!

The amount of books that we bought.


English books (top down):

  • Big Data — Viktor Mayer-Schonberger & Kenneth Cukier
  • A Journal of the Flood Year — David Ely
  • Starburst — Robin Pilcher
  • Aurora 7 — Thomas Mallon
  • Make More Money — Karen McCreadie, Tim Phillips & Steve Shipside
  • Operations Management In A Week — Sam Naughton
  • Ghost Riders — Richard Grant
  • Cat Owner’s Manual — Dr. Bruce Fogle
  • The One Thing — Gary Keller & Jay Papasan
  • Negotiation Genius — Deepak Malhotra & Max H. Bazerman
  • Baby’s First Skills — Dr. Miriam Stoppard
  • The Art of War — Sun Tzu trans by Thomas Cleary

Chinese Books (Left to right):

  • 老闆真的說可以嗎? — Stephen Young著, 黃怡雪譯
  • 課長八木的假設力 — 八幡紕芦史, 蕭照芳譯
  • 發現更棒的自己 — 溝口耕兒, 常純敏譯
  • 戀戀夏天的薔薇 — 恩田陸, 廖怡雅譯
  • 哈佛權威教你放鬆自療 — Herbert Benson, Miriam Z. Klipper著, 錢基蓮譯
  • 星空 — 滄月著

Catch Of The Day – Holiday Book Haul


It’s  a little late but here’s my catch of the day from 2 weeks ago. Books I’ve gotten from the Big Sale and Flash Fiction Sales.

Top down:

  • Last Chance Angel — Alex Gutteridge
  • The 57 Lives of Alex Wayfare — M.G. Buehrlen
  • Villa Pacifica — Kapka Kassabova
  • In the Mouth of the Whale — Paul McAuley

I just realized I bought a 3rd in the series for “In the Mouth of the Whale”. Uh oh… not the first time I did this but looks like I got to scout for the rest of it before I start reading.

Catch Of The Day — RM5 Fiesta Book Haul



Catch of the day! Here are books I got from the RM5 Fiesta book sale 2 days ago.

  • The minute I walked in I spotted Clare Vanderpool’s Navigating Early. Having read her awesome first book Moon Over Manifest, I’m thrilled to find her second book.
  • Too happy to unearth Maeve Binchy’s books, been searching for her work for ages. And getting her debut novel Light a Penny Candle is amazing!
  • Amy Tan’s book is a signed copy, how could I not get that???
  • Two Michael Ondaatje’s book added into my collection. After reading The English Patient I wanted to read more of his novels.
  • Hit the Ground Running has a very interesting blurb for a non-fiction, can’t wait to get started.

I’m off to read more books, see you later and thanks for reading ❤

Catch Of The Day — BookFest Book Haul

I know I’ve promised this a week ago.
I was suppose to post the books I acquired during the BookFest but last week I was so tied up with Blogging 101 that I have to reschedule to today.

Here’s my Catch of the Day for Chinese books: ChineseBookHaul-201507

  1. 和小澤征爾先生談音樂 — 小澤征爾, 村上春樹 (賴明珠譯)
  2. 花之鎖 — 湊佳苗 (王淑儀譯)
  3. 暫停鍵 — 黎紫書
  4. 蛋糕的美味時光 — 黎國雄
  5. 舌尖上的中式點心 — 黎國雄
  6. 告訴你,餅乾的秘密 — 辜惠雪
  7. 這樣喝就對了…200道健康養生蔬果汁 — 邦聯文化

I was super excited delighted to have discover the #1 book where 2 masters in their own league talked about music. One being Seiji Ozawa, my favourite conductor and Haruki Murakami, a famous contemporary writer.

And Catch of the Day for English books: IMG_7684_blog

  1. The Enigma of Arrival — V. S. Naipaul
  2. The Color Purple — Alice Walker
  3. Last Orders — Graham Swift
  4. Chicken Soup for the Soul — Married Life!
  5. The Thyroid Diet — Mary J. Shomon
  6. Pregnancy & Birth — Dr. Mary Steen

The Annual BookFest @ Malaysia 2015 Is Coming Soon!

Countdown BookFest Malaysia 2015

It’s time of the year again for the largest annual book expo Popular BookFest @ Malaysia and I’m so excited!

This year the organizer has extended the exhibition space to 160,000 sqft in conjunction with the expo’s 10th year anniversary (I will need foot massage after exploring).

Counting down 20 days to go, want to know details of the event? Read on ❤

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