About Little Calico 誰是小花貓?


Welcome to Little Calico’s Journal~!

I’m Yen from Malaysia and I find joy from simple things in life.

I love reading books & magazines. Nothing beats the happiness of walking into a bookshop and slowly browsing discovering gems to read. Book fairs, warehouse sales are places where I frequently visit and stock up on year-long good reads. I have a big stash of English and Chinese books, recently I’ve started to sort and review my book collections. Strangely I find there are very few reviews of Chinese books online thus I’m starting my own reviews here.

I love cats. They have 9 lives!

I love music and gaming. I have a dream to include Final Fantasy favourites into my piano repertoire.

I love food. The variety you can find here spoils you for life.

I love crafts. Especially handmade cards.

I love skincare. I’m obsessed with masks currently.

Thanks for dropping by and hope you have fun reading my blog.

Note: Here’s a little bit more about me and why I started this blog, posted for Blogging 101.

Discover the life adventures of a human-like cat, err.. cat-like human.



86 thoughts on “About Little Calico 誰是小花貓?

  1. I write romance with Asian men. I would love for you to read my book and do a review. You can find reviews on Amazon, B&N, and Goodreads. Or you can learn more about The Living Miracle A Love Story on my blog. I would be happy to send you a copy free -maybe when you are done you could donate it to a local library.

    I would love to get my hands on a few Asian novels. You should consider putting them up on ebay. If you do -let me know, I’ll buy some.

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  4. Hello, Yen, I’m lian shen from bookurve, a Malaysian Online Bookstore.

    We are impressed with your book blogging. Can we recommend yours books in our website and we will also also with your current blog to reach out more readers. Do you think it is a good idea?

    Looking forward for your reply.


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  11. I love you intro, It’s so sweet 🙂
    I own a cat too. Her name is Cherry, my Persian fur ball ! 😀
    And Hey any recommendation for a good mask?! 😉

    You’ve got a wonderful blog here. Really enjoyed my visit here. Will definitely come back for more. See ya around ! 😉
    Zee ❤

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  14. Hi, Yen. Nice to read your introduction here. I used to share a cat with my sibling when we were kids. Right now I’m not living in a place where cats or pets are allowed. However, I get to see the neighborhood strays every time I step outside. I was thinking of adopting a hand drawn cat picture to use as a feature in my blog but then I’m not too sure about whether a regular cat would fit into my topics. I added some more cat doodles on the page you visited; a cat with different facial expressions, just to see how they look. I’m being long winded here…

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    • Hello Jessica~~ I’m so delighted you’ve read my introduction and responded here, I welcome & appreciate all comments whether long or short, no worries! 😀
      Are you a cat lover too? I checked out your page and left a comment there, I absolutely love the doodles so much! Please draw more~ ❤


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  18. Hey, I finished Ender’s Game. You wanted to know how I liked it? I LOVED IT! It’s a very fast-paced read (I read it in three days) because the plot is just so exciting. It’s a very interesting sci-fi book because it talks about interesting “hidden” topics like child psychology and motivation. But more obvious themes are war and children vs. adults. Read this book because it really is amazing. And you loved the movie, so I think you’d enjoy the book too!

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    • I have the eBook which amounts to 800+ pages 😮 Wow, I’m curious to know how many pages was your book? Because that was a really fast read!

      I seldom read sci-fi but from what you’ve commented, I’d love to give it a go after I finished my current book! Thank you so much for the feedback and wish me luck in finishing the pages like you could 😀


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  20. Hi Yen!

    I’m glad I found your blog! We share a love of cats and books, for sure. Also, my boyfriend is Malaysian; we might go to Malaysia next summer for a couple months! 🙂


  21. Dear Yen,
    Good to see you and read about you.. I wish you all the best for your endeavor.
    I like to know meaning for your blog url – xiaohuamaobiji and what is Calico means.

    Glad you follow my blog – http://YourWellWisherProgram.wordpress.com
    Your Well Wisher Program is No NGO setup, No big costs, No team formed, No copyright protected, No solution patented, individual effort in an – Attempt to solve commonly known problems.

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  22. Hello Yen: Found your blog through Julia’s Camera Lucida. So happy I did! You have a new follower.
    We also share cats who have a very striking resemblance to one another!

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  24. Hi Yen! Thank you for responding to my post. 🙂 I really appreciate it.
    Your blog is new … I hope you stay in WordPress world. 🙂



    • Hi Josue, you’re welcome and thank you for following my blog!
      Yup I’m relatively new to WordPress and hope to stay on the scene as long as possible 🙂

      Do drop by often & have a nice day 🙂


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