Book Review: Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

Genre(s) : Romance, Young Adult, New Adult, Contemporary
Format : eBook
Rating : 4/5 stars

This book falls into the Young Adult category in Goodreads but I think it’s more appropriate in New Adult because Cath and Wren — the twins — are attending university and they are beginning to step into the adult world, facing situation on their own and taking responsibility for it.

There is a main story going on about Cath’s life and a side story which only appear as excerpts in the book, the side story is a Simon Snow fanfiction that Cath and Wren are writing.

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Book Review: Gossip Girl by Cecily von Ziegesar

Genre : YA, Chick-Lit
Format : eBook
Rating : 2/5 stars

*Whispers* Psst… you know that girl who came back? I heard that last night she and that hot guy…

This book is a written version of gossips, a favourite pastime in the elite circle of high school students in Upper East Side New York. The lives and romance of rich and privileged teens — particularly Blair and Serena — constantly top the charts of gossips.

The writing is straight forward, plain and I finished this book in a short time. A book that you could slot in among your heavier or longer reads.

Teens from all over the world have different paths, cultural diversity and a local education system that shaped the adolescence that they go through. The teenage years I went through is far different from the lives of these characters which I read did happen in real life.

This book is about teens where money is the last thing on their mind, where their worries are superficial, where everyone is involved with everyone. It’s loaded with teen issues, wasted lives, frenemies and some kids trying to fit into the higher social ranks.

Why I gave it 2 stars:

  • I don’t remember the ending of the story
  • An extra star from one star because I actually finished the book
  • Don’t think I would watch the TV series
  • Guess I wouldn’t be picking up the rest of the sequel books either

Some good points about this book:

  • A glimpse into the glamorous lives of rich kids, not that they’re rich, it’s their parents’ money anyway. It reflects a fraction of the different lives of teens around the world.
  • Tour around New York, one of my dream cities to visit

Gossip Girl is not a book that I would recommend, pick it up only if you want to read about privileged but troubled teens.

Book Review: Quake by Patrick Carman (Book #3 Pulse Trilogy)

Where I Bought : eBook
Price :
Rating : 5/5 stars

If you have noticed, the author named the book titles in this trilogy with one word which described the nature of pulsation in different magnitudes. And I think it is befitting to name the final book Quake because the story is as intense as the name sounds. It also means the impact that Faith could yield is as strong as a quake.

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Book Review: Tremor by Patrick Carman (Book #2 Pulse Trilogy)

Where I Bought : eBook
Price :
Rating : 4/5 stars

Continuing from the first book, the action slowed down in Tremor.

Compare to Pulse’s page turner, the second book offered more explanation.

Despite all of that it was a fast read because I wanted to find out the truth, and for this the author did not disappoint.

Please read on if you don’t mind minor spoilers.

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Book Review: Pulse by Patrick Carman (Book #1 Pulse Trilogy)

Where I Bought : eBook
Price :
Rating : 4/5 stars

I was thinking of reading Patrick Carman’s Pulse trilogy before it gets turned into movies like The Hunger Games, Divergent or The Maze Runner (hmm… that’s a lot of YA books being adapted recently).

Before I begin I would like to express my recent opinion on these YA trilogy books. They have lots of points in common and seemed to fall into a similar plot.

  • Walls — literally or not —  being built barring the remaining civilization from the new world
  • A group of people who doesn’t fit in the norms
  • Rise of the rebellions toppling villains / evil authority
  • Obstacles presented to the characters and they have to break free from their internal struggle to emerge victorious

Walls in the Insurgent movie (2nd part in Divergent trilogy)

Maze walls in the Maze Runner (1st part in Maze Runner trilogy)

Pretty much sum it up 😛

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