Are We Alone?


There is a change in my reading preference as of late.

Shelves used to be adorned by books that left me pondering its meaning for days; and there was a time when romantic love stories dominated those wooden racks; now my penchant for science fiction stories has seen the space in between filled up.

Thanks to Mr. Card, I am now a budding fan of science fiction novels.

The great minds had opened up vast possibilities of unknown.

Awake, these stories shall bring me on a spectacular futuristic travel.

Asleep, these stories will manifest in dreams of the wildest space exploration.




This Is Why I Would Become A Space Traveller

Would I travel to space? Oh yes I would.

The outer space has always, and will always be fascinating to me. If only we could travel through the universe like how we travel to another country.

Imagine the world we would live in if space travel is possible. Here are a few scenarios I could think of based on lots of sci-fi movies watched since childhood:

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Book Review: Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card

Where I Bought : eBook
Price : 
Rating : 5/5 stars

This is a book that gnawed at me even though I placed a bookmark at Chapter 12 and thought of resting my tired self.

Needless to say I finished the whole book in a matter of two days, usually it takes about a week for me to finish a book.

Ender’s Game is a sci-fi book set in Earth’s future. With incoming invasions of an insectoid alien species, human race has to gear up for intergalactic war. We learned from the First and Second Earth Invasion. Our exploration in space leads to the discovery of an alien’s colony in far space and defeating them helped us advanced into alien technology like gravity control.

In parallel with that a genetically breed of human program takes place in the aftermath and young children are carefully selected to join the armies against the alien. The protagonist Ender Wiggin is one of them.

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