Writing 201 : Poetry — Symphony

Finally I’ve made it!! I’ve reached the end of Writing 201 and to conclude it, the editors have came up with the famous poetry form “Sonnet”. I remembered studying Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 during high school but sadly they didn’t teach poetry as in depth as they do here.

The last day’s theme is Pleasure, in the form of Sonnet using poetic device Apostrophe.


Fill the halls, dim the lights!
Dear musician, can you hear me?
The moment has arrived, set your mind free
As I tune the note, correct to right
On the music sheet is where you set your sight
The score starts in B minor key
The conductor now comes on stage, can you see?
Calm your nerves, let your music take flight!
There goes the notes, page by page
Magic baton in his hands, rise and fall
Everyone is a star on stage
Dear audience, are you enthralled?
Begins like the river it raged
And it ends like a calm after squall

A little note on practice : This is the rhyming form I used : a b b a a b b a c d c d c d

I was inspired by watching the piano concerto video of the recently crowned winner of the 17th International Chopin Competition — Seong Jin Cho.