Book Review: The Secrets of Lake Road by Karen Katchur

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Rating : 5/5 stars

This is Karen Katchur’s debut novel depicting a story which is set in the Pocono Mountains and its surrounding area.

The image reminds me so much of what autumn looks like in Northeastern Pennsylvania that I could imagine it as a cover for one of my books.

Excerpt from Karen Katchur’s official website

Although Karen mentioned autumn, the book is about a story happening in the summer instead. A story originated from the small colony of inns — inhabited by local community and tourists alike — surrounding the lake. The settlement is connected by the Lake Road with a happening Pavilion situated at the lakefront.

It was the summer of twelve years old that would be a life changing experience for Caroline. She is on a usual family trip to the lake with her mother and brother, staying over with their grandma and spending time with friends at the lakeside. But amidst the summer fun, Caroline’s was caught in confusion as ever regarding her feelings for her mother Jo, who had always distanced herself.

The usual trip turned unusual as a seven year old young girl went missing. The uneasiness of the community spread out as underwater rescue went underway. The search mission did uncover something but it was a fragment of the past. A set of bones which don’t belong to the young girl.

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Darkest Abyss

Been around for billion years,

Wafting through immeasurable days,

Celestial bodies see me in fear,

Try to escape if you may.

Millions of stars circle around me,

Dusts of ages spiralling in,

The only thing I see,

You are all falling in.

Space and time distorted,

I consume everything in whole,

I am dense and contorted,

I triumph over as a blackhole.

Inspired by one of the theme in response to Stellar and Lunar Roundup #6 (June 25) about triumph.

Stellar and Lunar Challenge is hosted by Sarah once a week every Thursday on her blog tuckedintoacorner.

Legend of the Moon


The moon hang low over the horizon. Night falls and there is no stopping from the impending daylight.

Unusually brighter, bigger and bathed in mustard yellow shade, today I observed shadows of dark craters.

Is it true you are hiding the dark side of you?

You are mysterious.

You change into ethereal clothes: cold silver, tinged yellow, burnt orange, pitch black, in your fantasy colour palette.

You pull and push tirelessly the tides of fate.

You spin the interstellar space casting umbra onto us, the darkness of eclipse.

You wax and wane quietly through the ages of men, fueled with legends.

You age with grace yet you stay youthful as millenniums passed.

Mark my wonders as I perceive you to be the one and only.

And I whisper : Do you know the universe’s secrets?

This short writing is inspired by the big, yellow crescent I saw yesterday night & my perception of the moon, and in response to Stellar and Lunar Roundup #5 (June 18) about perspective.

Stellar and Lunar challenge is hosted by Sarah once a week every Thursday on her blog tuckedintoacorner.