Book Review: That’s What Friends Are For by Marcie Steele

Genre : Women’s Fiction, Romance
Format : eBook
Rating : 3/5 stars

Thank you NetGalley and publisher Bookouture for this ARC copy in exchange for an honest review.

Hmm… honestly I’ve finished this book months ago yet the story was vague as I remember. I need to take a look at the blurb to jog my memory a bit.

Sam and Louise have been best friends since they hung their coats side by side on the first day of primary school. Now in their thirties, they’re just as close, but life is a little bit more complicated…

On the outside, thirty-something Sam seems to have it all; the gorgeous husband, the beautiful home and the flourishing business. But things are not quite as rosy as they seem. So when handsome stranger, Dan, walks into her life, Sam finds his attentions hard to resist.

Louise might seem like life and soul of the party, but her outgoing exterior hides her sadness about the heartbreak in her past. She just wants someone to love – but all Louise gets left with is a quick fumble with an ex at the end of the night.

When a glamorous face from the past returns to shake things up, things get even more complicated for Sam and Louise. And just when they need each other the most, they’ve reason to wonder whether they ever really knew each other at all.

Okay… it didn’t help much so I ran through the e-book again, skimming through the pages and slowly I began to remember parts of the story.

As the title suggested, it was a story about the ups and downs in a long term friendship. Sam and Louise has been friends forever but it wouldn’t be interesting if life has been all rosy, would it?

Everyone has secrets — even best friends —  and that’s the catalyst for the disaster that’s bound to happen. Could they remain as friends after the cat’s out of the bag?

The writing is smooth, easy to relate yet somehow the story didn’t really capture my heart and made a lasting impression.

If you’re a stickler for stories about friendship, then this may be the story for you. Romance I would say is the side dish in this book 😉


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