The Space to Write

I wish I could say I write in an alfresco cafe at the side of a cobblestone walk, perched along the higher side of a sloping street, enclosed by buildings of 16th century in a modern Europe.

Hahahaha no…  that would be my dream place to write.

But in reality I sit cross-legged in front of a small coffee table and type away…

Dear readers, if you’re reading this or has been reading my posts/reviews and if you have any ideas/sparks/suggestions on what to write for an upcoming post, do drop them here.

Thank you for helping me out in this part of my Blogging U. writing assignment 😉

P/S: Jessica if you’re reading this, do know that you are wonderful by giving me lots of ideas and topics to write 😀

8 thoughts on “The Space to Write

  1. Bookmarks are wonderful. You can start any craft and max it out. Milk it for all its worth. One blogger got so good at designs that she puts them on merchandise, for sale. Use cafepress or etc. When you’ve exhausted all possibilities, then start another major project.

    Ice cream sticks can be used as book marks; just decorate them. Mounted dried leaves and flowers too. Other ideas – Plain black hair pin, with a tiny decoration sticking out. Show us all your different designs when they are ready!

    If people like your hand drawn designs on bookmarks, make them as stickers. I read from the blogger that stickers sell well. Parents buy them for young kids. You never know when your project can become a commercial one. A couple used to make pocket squares, which is a fancy name for handkerchief used by men for decorating their suit’s front pocket. Then they got orders. In time, their pocket squares became a large business able to support their livelihood.

    Don’t tell me you can’t sew. Buy the smallest sewing machine to start with, if you’re interested. Which reminds me of the quilt making stories. That is another sewing project.

    My point is, you never know when something can become a business for you.

    Motivational words/ inspirations make good book marks too.

    If you have no problem writing for NaNoWriMo, you should participate. Many people have writer’s block and can’t manage to start. You have the talent, so go ahead. I have one (mediocre) plot, but I don’t know if I can manage to type 1700 words every day to complete the 50,000 words by month’s end.

    I have not started to write for public again. Only trying to learn how to write fiction. I can’t manage too many tasks from normal life; we all have the same problem of time management. If I ever start a blog again, I’ll swing by to leave its calling card.

    Read your reply soon here. 🙂

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    • Sewing patching up clothes are okay for me but not those complicated ones haha~ I guess will try it out someday when the calling comes, as for now I’m more into paper crafts 😀 Hence I’ve started making super simple bookmarks today, I’ll post them up soon, stay tune!

      There are plenty of ideas on Pinterest, am loving it, you could explore some ideas there too.

      That’s a good start, learning to write is better than not putting your heart to it, keep up the effort! And of course I’ll be very interested to read your stories in case you’ve decided to blog about them 😉

      I’m thinking that I may fall back onto writing shorter works instead of tackling the intimidating Nano this year. Actually my 2015 novel was still unfinished, I keep procrastinating and finally left it to dust.


      • It will be good to complete your 2015 novel. Before you forget your ideas. Treat the chapters as your shorter works. You can start short stories collection later. You never know when your novel gets the nod for publication! After you finish and edit, keep sending it to publishing houses.


  2. Do you need to giveaway X’mas presents? Now is the time to make homemade gifts! One of the pleasant trends is using the glass jars. Recycle glass jars of all sizes. Clean them. Fill them with nice things.
    1) Bake cupcake in a jar. You could make this a month long project by changing the flavors of the cupcake every time.
    2) Collect various items of office stationery like paper clips, plastic bookmarks, small post-it pads, small tube of glue etc. This is a office stationery gift jar.
    3) Spices in a jar make a natural air freshener.
    4) Biscuits (store bought or homemade) in a jar.
    5) Preserved fruit.
    6) Pretty pebbles.
    7) Tiny cactus surrounded by soil and pebbles.
    8) Pretty origami pieces in a jar.
    9) Candy.
    10) Any small gifts in a jar.

    If you don’t need to give away glass jar gifts, make them for your local charity home. The residents there will love to receive food gifts. But you have to use plastic bottles for their safety reasons. Also, no small objects that may cause choking. You can talk to the manager/supervisor on what are the permitted presents to give.

    Would you make things from recycled material like tetra boxes? I briefly saw an article about people using flattened boxes to make small purse-wallets and other things. There are lots of things that can be made from recycled materials. Do some research and see what suits your taste.

    You can choose to do something well. Then make it into a part time business. One day, you might be able to make it your full time work. And continue blogging almost all day. 🙂

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  3. Remember how we used to join the blogging events to have something to write about? That activity encourages bloggers to return reads. Its more difficult to find people who really care about you and visit your blog, no matter what you post.

    Are you going to participate in 2016 NaNoWriMo? Write a post to announce this. Maybe let the cat out of the bag on what type of novel you plan to write. 🙂

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  4. Sorry I am late.

    You should repurpose some of your old, interesting posts. Like maybe adding more material to an old book review. Draw something, post a picture of something that was mentioned in the book, etc. Then maybe write a new post to give the link and give us a shout out that you have added something extra.

    One day, I visited a blog with a post about a continuing story. It was posted in episodes. At the bottom of the post, was the link to the next episode. I kept clicking and reading for that story. But no real story came. If you have a long story, you could do the same thing, only give us the juice (real story). Readers are hooked on cliff hangers.

    Let us hear your music.Learn how to record a piano piece in youtube or podcast and post it here.

    I read somewhere that when you post a variety of types in your blog, it makes good content and boosts your blog.

    If you have a colouring page from a mandala colouring book, fill in the colours. Post the end result here. It is spectacular to see how an individual uses the page.

    You can plan a month of fiction posts, a month of poetry, a month of music, a month of craft work etc.

    Another blogger did a month of flash fiction, on her chosen random topics.

    Can you do simple craft work? Making origami, bead jewelry, paintings, knitting etc?

    You could learn from youtube videos, then write about your learning journey. One blogger does that. She learns everything from internet for free. Then she blogs about her learning journeys.

    Once, I saw a knitting video. Using hands and arms to knit big stitches. You can make a scarf or article of clothing very quickly using this technique.

    There are lots of things to learn & blog about. Take pics of your attempts at making things and post them.

    You cook at home? Take pics of the more fancy dishes and post them with a simple recipe.

    Can you write most of your replies here in this post? I’ll be checking this space here. I know I have posted comments in many posts and may miss out checking back for your replies. Thanks.

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    • Wow, you gave me so many ideas! I’m gonna have a very hard time to pick one because they’re all so interesting to start as mini projects.

      The craft idea’s awesome, I can’t knit but I could make some simple handicrafts. I was thinking of making bookmarks because I have been reading a lot of books lately and I discovered that in fact I don’t have decent bookmarks! For now I just use some scrap paper as bookmark XD

      But first, I’m going to gather some materials, and recycle ones are great to start with ❤

      By the way, do you still write? Perhaps you could try to maintain a simple blog to hone your writing skills, I'd be delighted visit your blog frequently! 😀


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