Book Review: The Phantom Isles by Stephen Alter

Genre : Fantasy, Adventure, Children
Price : RM5
Rating : 5 / 5 stars

I can always trust a book like this to bring me on an adventure of high seas, mystery and fantasy.

This is a book about 3 friends who’ve broken into a town library late night and tried to conjure up the dead by reading aloud passages from a book called The Compleat Necromancer. Following that a string of strange events happened in the library and together with the librarian they found out that ghosts do exist!

Trapped in the library books, these ghosts were captured from an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean—the Ilhas dos Fantasmas—a place where the living and the dead once coexisted peacefully.

How did the ghosts ended up there? Who wrote the book? How are they going to free them?

This story alternates between the present and exotic island stories from the past. Many lessons to be learned from the book, friendship, love, death, loss and hope.

Some of the materials fascinated me, I did wiki up Phantom Island which had layers of myth surrounding it but was proven to be non existence. There was also an ancient technology introduced in the books which was well written and I did hope it existed.

The other thing that terrified me (yes, it gave me a shock) was a one of a kind feature of this book. You would need to have the hardcopy to get this surprise! And this complemented well and augmented the reading experience of this book. And boy I was freaked out considering it was a ghost story!

Many times I have found myself dreaming of the adventure, swimming off the coast of the island, staring at the glimmering stars in the nightsky or having funny friends who’d take risks with you.

All the elements that I enjoyed were packed in this book, and sometimes I find reading children literature could be more rewarding than reading a realistic adult fiction. Let loose and wander freely in a world that only exist in books. ❤

4 thoughts on “Book Review: The Phantom Isles by Stephen Alter

  1. Sounds like something I would have loved as a kid! One of the books I read over and over was Blackbeard’s Ghost, where a couple of friends find an incantation and bring the pirate back from the grave. (Yet another reason why I loved reading Harry Potter!)

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