Book Review: Eun Na and the Phantom by Erica Laurie

Genre : Fantasy, Romance
Format : eBook
Rating : 3.5 / 5 stars

I would like to sincerely thank author Erica Laurie for this copy of eBook in exchange for an honest review.

I jumped at the chance of taking my first read on an English written book about Korean culture because of the unique topic. Reading this book didn’t let me down, I felt like I was watching a Korean historical drama unfolding.

A logger is in debt to his landlord, and he must pay up or hand over his daughter, Eun Na as payment.

Hardworking and kind, Eun Na attracts the attention of a mysterious man from the mountains. When an accident renders her father unable to work, the handsome young man steps in and offers his assistance. Yet he is not what he seems.

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Catch Of The Day – Book Haul While I Was Away

I couldn’t resist whenever there’s an MPH Warehouse Sale. As I remembered there were less crowd in the sweltering hot afternoon and the place was only powered by electrical fans.


Despite the heat that made browsing uncomfortable, I kept digging looking for treasures from the book pile.

Chinese books were scattered all over but I had fun searching for them because at a 90% discount, these books were the cheapest I’ve came across any sales!

Super delighted to have found especially Japanese to Chinese translated literature!

The amount of books that we bought.


English books (top down):

  • Big Data — Viktor Mayer-Schonberger & Kenneth Cukier
  • A Journal of the Flood Year — David Ely
  • Starburst — Robin Pilcher
  • Aurora 7 — Thomas Mallon
  • Make More Money — Karen McCreadie, Tim Phillips & Steve Shipside
  • Operations Management In A Week — Sam Naughton
  • Ghost Riders — Richard Grant
  • Cat Owner’s Manual — Dr. Bruce Fogle
  • The One Thing — Gary Keller & Jay Papasan
  • Negotiation Genius — Deepak Malhotra & Max H. Bazerman
  • Baby’s First Skills — Dr. Miriam Stoppard
  • The Art of War — Sun Tzu trans by Thomas Cleary

Chinese Books (Left to right):

  • 老闆真的說可以嗎? — Stephen Young著, 黃怡雪譯
  • 課長八木的假設力 — 八幡紕芦史, 蕭照芳譯
  • 發現更棒的自己 — 溝口耕兒, 常純敏譯
  • 戀戀夏天的薔薇 — 恩田陸, 廖怡雅譯
  • 哈佛權威教你放鬆自療 — Herbert Benson, Miriam Z. Klipper著, 錢基蓮譯
  • 星空 — 滄月著

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I am glad to say that my piano practical exam is over 😀

Crossed my fingers and hope I will pass and graduate.

It took some time to sink in, the fact that I don’t have to practice hard everyday and keep pushing other stuff aside, because I’m freeeeeee now!

Well not exactly… I still have another theory paper to complete the whole course but then again writing exam isn’t as scary as practicals.

Now that I don’t have to worry about exams I could read, start blogging again and so much more!

It’s nice to be back ❤