May Updates

Wiping the dust off of my blog, it has been sporadic updates now and then… mostly about books.

Life was getting busy when I started working months ago and the rest of my free time was dedicated to prepping for my music exams and family. I still find time to read though.

I’ve had several books read but haven’t got their reviews written. I noticed that I need space and time to be able to write, my mind gets tired. And when I really have the time and mood, I write — here.

I’m going to change things up a bit in my Book Events category. Instead of posting heads up for the event, I’m going to post my visit and experience to any of the book sales, followed by my catch of the day — book haul 🙂

I shall have more time when July is over.

Till then I will still write occasionally.

Thank you so much for visiting now and then whenever my blog posts went up :D. I’ll try to visit you whenever possible. Oh I miss the days when I could blog and read blogs whole day.




Catch Of The Day – Holiday Book Haul


It’s  a little late but here’s my catch of the day from 2 weeks ago. Books I’ve gotten from the Big Sale and Flash Fiction Sales.

Top down:

  • Last Chance Angel — Alex Gutteridge
  • The 57 Lives of Alex Wayfare — M.G. Buehrlen
  • Villa Pacifica — Kapka Kassabova
  • In the Mouth of the Whale — Paul McAuley

I just realized I bought a 3rd in the series for “In the Mouth of the Whale”. Uh oh… not the first time I did this but looks like I got to scout for the rest of it before I start reading.