Book Review: Rapture by Lauren Kate (Fallen Series #4)

Genre : Romance, Young Adult, Paranormal
Format : eBook
Rating : 3/5 stars

So… finally I’ve reached the last installment of the Fallen series.

In a nutshell I actually enjoyed this last book the most! It has invoked a sense of adventure, lured me in to keep reading although I’m bogged down with work and chores.

I really have to commend the author for keeping the secrets in place until the end where the answers were revealed and I FINALLY got the “Ooooohhh” moment. Well that took me 3 and a half books to get to it 😛

Other than the satisfaction of knowing the truth, in my opinion I think the author’s writing improved as the plot matured. There were some good description that I took note of.

She reached up to touch his cheek. He turned his head and kissed the inside of her palm.

A gesture of two people in love simply explained yet I could imagine their movement flowing perfectly.

Colors bent, melted. It was like standing inside the cloudy haze over flowing gasoline.

Now that’s how to describe the heat wave that were so common.

Keeping this short, thanks Ms Kate for taking me on a ride that gets better at the end and also my first book into the realm of angels/demons. It may not be a perfect one but I learned the writing style that she used to describe a beautiful angel, the quirks of a demon and the conceptual idea, mechanics and functioning ways of paranormal worlds that she derived from religion and history.

P/S: There are 2 other books “Fallen in Love (#3.5)” and “Unforgiven (#5)” which are a spin off from this series but I guess I would not be reading them for a long time to come as I’m really not into these side characters.

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