Book Review: Passion by Lauren Kate (Fallen Series #3)

Genre : Romance, Young Adult, Paranormal
Format : eBook
Rating : 3/5 stars

At last… the momentum of this series picked up speed.

Luce has finally took charge of her own path and jumped (literally) into a portal to learn about her past. It’s like time travel backtracking the past and going through the story of each of her reincarnation backwards, gradually learning the truth — a little.

Still keeping Luce’s real identity a mystery, I’m in fact having a good time guessing the answer while reading her interesting quest.

Even though the plot improved there were still some flaws. In my opinion the scene in Moscow was left hanging, events happened but the author only told what happened to the main characters but the supporting ones were abandoned.

And there were still some flashback thoughts happening again and repeated statement which has been emphasized earlier. I guess this could just be the author’s writing style but it does get mundane rather quickly.

Sometimes I felt that the explanation about why things happened was too “technical” to understand, I don’t really get what the concept was about.

By the way I also got a little sick of the love between Luce and Daniel. Love has its essence and it has to be build on a foundation whereas I could read none in theirs.

But then again, I learned and appreciated parts of the writing that conveyed the scenes clearly as if it painted a rather vivid picture in my mind.

75% into the story and 25% to go, the ending had better be a good one!

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