Book Review: Torment by Lauren Kate (Fallen Series #2)

Genre : Romance, Young Adult, Paranormal
Format : eBook
Rating : 2/5 stars

If you’ve read the first book, I’m certain that you’ll be as puzzled as me.

Little was known about who Luce really was and the reason for her fatal attraction towards Daniel — the fallen angel — the love of her “lives”. Yep lives. Past lives.

Too many questions were raised about the origins but too little rewarding answers were revealed for the readers who had come this far on book one.

So I started book two, hoping that Ms. Kate would at least leave some breadcrumbs to satisfy the hunger of readers trying to walk out of the woods.

Luce has changed to study in a school for fallen angels and nephilims where she would be safe from the turmoil of the world of angels and demons. The action slowed down in book two and took place mostly in the school. Although the events moved at a steady pace yet it felt staged. Reading them made me feel like the author has purposely arranged for things to happen.

Aside from that Luce’s character wasn’t portrayed well in this book. There were times where she tried to be a strong girl but her character doesn’t come across as one, most of her thoughts and action didn’t show promise. Perhaps that’s just her adaptive phase to her special kind of life?

There’s one more thing that I got to mention, which happened way too frequent in the book. I noticed that the author referred to the character’s past too often.

Something about the way he was taking charge made Luce think back to Cam’s room…

It reminded her of Penn, who’d “borrowed” the spare key to Luce’s room so she could barrel in whenever the need arose.

It reminded Luce of coming down the always-sunlit wooden staircase at her parents’ house for breakfast…

See what I mean? 😛

So are there any breadcrumbs? Yes there were more but they all led you deeper into the woods instead of getting out!

Looks like I just have to get on to third book!

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