Book Review: Raising Evangeline by Lisa Kent

Genre : Contemporary Romance
Format : eBook
Rating : 4/5 stars

Thank you NetGalley and publisher Curiosity Quills Press for this ARC copy in exchange for an honest review.

The story took place 3 years after the event in the previous book — Peace Cottage. Lucy has come to terms with what has befallen her, as much as the saying goes “Everything happens for a reason” I think this was the theme that came through the book.

Please read on if you don’t mind a little spoiler.

At first I was wondering why the book was named Raising Evangeline, after reading Chapter 1 my doubts have been answered. Evangeline is a little girl!
And raising Evangeline means Lucy has landed herself as a second time mom by taking care of a girl who by chance — or by fate — came into her life.

I still adore the author’s writing, her fitting description of a peaceful and calm environment remains but not without letting the readers in on the characters’ emotional journey.

This time around my favourite character is Evangeline (Vangie in short), a French Canadian girl, and she’s adorable. She may seem troubled at first but when she opened up herself to Lucy, Delia, Saffy and the community, her bond with them grew stronger. She has the innocence and an astonishing maturity at such a young age. Evangeline is such a sweet little girl ❤

Oh! I have to mention Merry the yellow kitten who stayed with them. I love Merry and the beautiful name that the author gave her. It was a delight to read the quirks of Merry and how this little cat has been a huge part in the family.

Vangie watched in awe as Merry trotted back holding the mouse daintily in her small mouth. Vangie threw again and again, until they tired themselves out. Merry curled up on her lap and purred.

I guess readers wouldn’t be satisfied if the author didn’t do something about Lucy’s love life after reading the previous book 😛 And I for one am glad that there’s a closure to this part of the story.

However there’s the other part of the story that’s still left open for conclusion  — the future of Vangie in Lucy’s family.
I wished the author could have tied all the loosen ends neatly in a beautiful bow for this book,  it’s just that this part was left hanging… Or could there be… a third book?

This was my first book of 2016 and it has inspired me to read more and discover more wonderful authors. And yes, I would greatly recommend this book to anyone who wants a peaceful reading. 🙂


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