Tales of Zodiac — Gemini & Libra

Is she the darkest light?
Once a saintly warrior
Fighting the righteous plight
When war and invasion began
She fought with all her might
But in time she saw the truth beneath
Army generals bereft of justice
Sent shivers down her spine

Fighting a war that could never win
She forsaken her saintly title
Knowing what she has always been
She succeeded the Court of Libra
Watching stars under dusty wind
Guiding the path true and wise
Balancing the perfect pair of scales
Upholding judgment of justice impartial
And wisdom in her sword of shining sheen

-Pollux & Castor-
Is he the lightest dark?
The most powerful dual swordsman
Fierce and formidable in his battles
Yet kind and gentle towards his companions
He knew a different soul resided
Within him is another man
Whom he called brother but departed
To him he surrendered his right hand

In the war that ravaged
He finally met his match
On the verge of death he couraged
Enacted a spell binding him and he
Releasing Castor’s soul he raged
Holding two swords with his brother
They defeated the unjust soldier
Inheriting the splendid Court of Gemini

-Luna and Pollux-
Residing in the constellation
Luna glimmered in eternal silver
Pollux glistened in glorious violet
In the luminescence of their star lights
Their stories are to be told


Gemini of Recall Castor & Pollux and Libra of Justice Luna


This is a prequel poetry to the fan-fiction I’m going to write about these 2 characters in a mobile game I’m playing — Tower of Saviors. It’s a combination of original and found poetry 🙂

Also in response to this week’s Stellar and Lunar Challenge (3 Dec) with prompt Luminescence.