Book Review: The Lucky One by Nicholas Sparks

Genre : Romance
Format : eBook
Rating : 5/5 stars

I have never read Nicholas Sparks books before but I’m glad I did.

The Lucky One is a story about Logan Thibault, a US Marine who dusted up a photograph of a young woman half buried in the ground during his tour of duty in Iraq. When no one claims the photo back in camp he kept it to himself and since then Logan seemed to be the luckiest guy around.

His friend Victor made him realized that the photo could be his lucky charm. He couldn’t get the photo off his mind so back home he set foot on a journey to search for the girl in the picture.

The book is told from three POVs but it’s not confusing at all, each chapter is labelled with the character’s POV.

The author describes the attraction happening has the exact feels when you meet the right person. I love this extract of prose that does it.

But in this moment, she had an unexpected picture of what her life would have been like under a different set of circumstances. Now, as the starlings above her moved from tree to tree, she sat on the porch of an otherwise empty house, witnessing the kind of scene that made her believe that all could be right with the world.

And the feeling when you think he’s the right one.

Moreover, she found it ridiculously easy to imagine a life with Logan. She knew she hadn’t really known him long enough to make that kind of judgment, but she couldn’t deny her intuition.

Could he be the One?

I adore Nana, a cute grandmother to have and she is perceptive about all that’s happening around. And I need to say that I hate the antagonist in the story, a possessive and a selfish man. The author did well to invoke my feeling of dislike towards him.

If you’re into small town love story then this is definitely the book for you. The bittersweet touch of the author adds more depth to the story.

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