Nanowrimo Update #4 – About Winning


NaNoWriMo is officially over!

I’m super excited to win my first ever Nano and produced my first ever novel draft!!

Here’s my word count standing as of today.

  • First novel – 4567 words
  • Second novel – 52497 words

Combining word counts from two stories I reached 50k on Day 27 — a little of a rebel here 😛
However by end of Day 30 my second novel alone surpassed 50k.


The novel’s not complete yet but would be by end of December. I’m still writing everyday, a habit picked up from this event. Going to include this as a new year resolution too.

This event has pushed me to do the otherwise impossible novel writing. It was a wonderful experience doing the official wordsprints, they have awesome sprint leaders, themes and prompts which some I’ve included in my writing.

I’ve read about the pros and cons of writing everyday, but to me, it was more of a positive one. Setting a goal has made me tackle the heavy, complicated scenes which given on a normal day I would definitely put off and procrastinate.

Keeping focus on the final objective and wanting to win my first ever Nano motivated me to go on. Although some days I just trampled over the story, at least there are words written down that I could always come back and edit. If I’ve never write anything down, there wouldn’t be anything to edit right?

I guess it’s time to reveal an introduction of my story 🙂

I wish I could write a better blurb but it’s so hard to come up with a good one… so I’m giving up at this moment, perhaps a revision later.

20 year old Ju is academically brilliant, an uprising gamer in the varsity team and has a growing crush on Zach, the famous but mysterious pro gamer who just transferred to her major. Life is perfect until strange incidents befall her.

When she met her guardian angel, Michael, he vows to protect her from the relentless dark forces. He helps her discover a rare gift she possessed, one that could threaten the balance of the existing world.

Ju has a difficult choice to make as she finds herself entwined between Zach and Michael. As the world plunge into darkness, decision has to be made, not without sacrifices. Could she leave behind her ideal college life and embrace her destiny?

I’m still writing and haven’t settled in choosing the right names for my characters, places, cities and etc. Thus the introduction might change as I progress.


*Oh… and please pardon my grammar, it’s in a mess everywhere LOL~ The effect of writing non-stop for a whole month. I need to get back to English Grammar 101*

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