Nanowrimo Update #3


7k words to winning.
5 days left.
1 goal to achieve.

The elusive 50k target — so near yet so far away…
I need to stay on track no matter what happens!

Participating in Nano has pushed me to do something which I don’t usually do — write everyday.

Some days I felt like I was forcing some words out for the sake of writing.
Some days the words were textbook flat because I wrote every idea down so that I won’t forget.
Some days I enjoyed writing a scene so much I got really excited for my characters.

There were ups and downs of writing everyday but if it weren’t for Nano I would have never experience all of this. I wouldn’t have written any story with such length, let alone a novel!

By writing I have a deeper sense of appreciation of the books I read. I marvelled at how the author crafted their story, clever use of POVs that didn’t confuse readers, intriguing dialogues. They have the skills to create a compelling story that keeps readers addicted.

Even watching movies and dramas for the past few weeks got me thinking under my writing cap. How the conflict started, love theme, unexpected twists, resolution, unanswered questions, illogical scenes. Actually it was fun because movies were no longer just entertainment for me, they were educational.

It’s gonna rain soon, a nice weather to write before dinner time.
Signing off for now, stay tune for the good news of winning and thanks for reading 😛

5 thoughts on “Nanowrimo Update #3

  1. What’s your final word count? 43265 is already quite a big achievement! I think you can write a post on how to start writing a novel! Years ago, I used to write a few short stories but after a while, I was repeating myself. I lacked fresh ideas. I hope you can share your experiences on how to write, or recommend good books on writing. Thank you!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I haven’t complete the novel yet, hopefully by end of Dec.
      Sharing my experience will be a great idea, still learning as I just started out writing a novel. I’ll try to share any info that I can 😀


  2. The process of writing is a great learning experience
    It’s great to hear that you are using movies as stimulation
    I do that myself
    You do get a better appreciation by using anything another as prompts
    Keep it up
    It sounds promising
    As always Sheldon


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