Nanowrimo Update #2


It’s cliched but… Time flies!

Looking up from burying your head too long into writing a novel, you realized that you’ve reached the middle mark of Nanowrimo!

I switched to writing a second novel about fantasy/romance and I’m glad I did because the words flowed and I kept having new ideas for the story. Catching up everyday I finally hit the 25,000 mark yesterday and fulfilled the daily writing goal!

What I went through for the past week:

  • That exhilarating “Aha!” moment to change the role of a character to spice up the story. For that I earned a badge 😉
  • I’m beginning to like my characters
  • I thought I was a plotter but I realized I’m also a pantser when it comes to character dialogues and details
  • At one point I saw plot holes gaping at me
  • It slowed me down when I tried to fix it
  • So I pushed it aside, made a note to revisit, and moved on
  • Sometimes I slot in new scenes in previous chapters so that the story makes sense

These two weeks I’d been following many bloggers and writers on their Nano journey and learned a great deal.  It’s awesome knowing that we walked a different path but share the same destiny.

I would like to thank all of you who had responded on my update #1. Sharing great ideas and inspiration to write, it motivates and keeps me writing on. 😀


31 thoughts on “Nanowrimo Update #2

  1. Good job catching up! I see your word count take a dip on that graph though. Did you delete words? Remember, don’t delete, just set them aside! They still count, even if you don’t like them or want to keep them in the end.

    Good luck going forward; we’re halfway there!

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      • They totally count if you want them to. Plenty of people write multiple novels, or things that aren’t even novels. I know someone who’s been writing part of a screenplay, a novel, and even a video game script, throughout this month.
        I’ve started on a second novel myself, and will be counting both of them. They’re still words you wrote during NaNo, so it counts! Especially since they’ve relaxed a lot of the rules. Now they basically have guidelines, and then say, “But if you want to step outside these guidelines, go for it! We’ll just call you a rebel!” So at WORST, you’re a rebel.

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  2. Wow. You’re on track. Good going. Keep writing. And do drop in by blog for some NaNoWriMo chat. I have some NaNoWriMo writing tips and tricks posts lined up. 🙂

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