Writing 201 : Poetry — Love Vacation

This is Day 6’s task with the theme Faces, in the form of Found Poetry using poetic device Chiasmus.

Love vacation

Turn, turn, merry-go-round
This melody’s started
There’s no stopping now

We’re destined for
That golden day
A love vacation

Rainy afternoon, go out to town
Wonderin’ which way I should go
With you,
Who gave me an umbrella
For the rain in my heart

There’s no gap between me and you
Breathtakingly sweet kisses
Dark of night, night of dark
We’ll find peace

Keepin’ the faith will be
Right on track
Don’t go lookin’ back
In the past

We’re destined for
A brighter way
A love vacation

A little note on practice : I enjoyed creating this found poetry, there are so many beautiful lyrics I wanted to share. To create this I’ve extracted lyrics from two of my favourite Japanese drama songs and modified them a little — La La La Love Song by Kubota Toshinobu and Long Vacation by Anne McMurphy.

Writing 201 : Poetry — Ode to Final Fantasy

Here comes Day 5’s task with the theme Map, in the form of Ode using poetic device Metaphor.

 Ode to Final Fantasy

The year when uncertainty hung in the air
Was the year a new world opened up
A wonderful black box saved my life in despair
Came to untie my confusing life in knots
Immersing myself in the land too beautiful to exist
Laugh and cry together with the characters
Walk through the story to proceed a little further
Unraveling my destiny shrouded in mist
Mapping my life out courses chartered
That is a year I would always miss, forever.

A little note on practice : I guess it’s good enough to come up with one stanza, a completely new genre to me. If I have time, I shall revisit to finish with the complete form 🙂

Writing 201 : Poetry — That Look

Had a busy schedule last week and I’m falling behind on Writing 201 😳

Trying to catch up so this is Day 4’s task with the theme Imperfect, in the form of Limerick using poetic device Enjambment.

That look

I better be scared cos I think
My cat is plotting something
Her eyes follow my every single move
Wait… Is that a glint of evil look?
I am not perfectly sure.

A little note on practice : I’m thoroughly bad at writing funny or humourous poems 😦 And I struggle to make that final line a punch~ Any comment is most appreciated, thank you~

The Emoji Book Tag

Studious-brownI like book tags, especially ones that I can relate to. Last week I was tagged with the fun emoji book tag by blogger Ali who writes at I Wuv Books, she has an amazing blog about book reviews, book topics and anything bookish!

In this tag, you pair your five most used or recently used emojis to books.

LINE is my favourite chat app, so the emojis I’m using are their expressive stickers.

Here we go!

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Writing 201 : Poetry — For You

Today’s theme is Skin, in the form of Prose Poetry using poetic device Internal Rhyme.

for You

You’re the most beautiful soul in this world. In your eyes I see a longing sigh. Reckless choices made, aren’t yours to take. When the storm passed, I’m standing last. You woke up from yesterday’s dream, life is not as it seems. Beneath your weary skin, everything that has been. I will love you inside out, not a single doubt. New day has arrived, when you finally realize. I will always be by your side, till the day I die.


A little note on practice : Is it just me or is the assignment getting tougher… It took me two days to write this. No inspiration at all 😦

Writing 201 : Poetry — Old Piano

Today’s theme and task is: Gift, Acrostic, Simile

old Piano

Out of tune,
Long gone the gift of touch,
Dangling cobwebs all over.

Pieces of music sheets scattered,
In the house that once were,
As old as time,
No warm touch on ivory keys,
Only dust covered.

A little note on practice : I must say today’s theme is tough. I read up on simile and it’s a close cousin of metaphors. I use them often without thinking much. Although at times it’s difficult to express in English, I’m so glad this course is tremendously helpful in improving my language and writing forms.

Writing 201 : Poetry — Silent Still Screen

I’ve signed up for Blogging U.’s Writing 201 — Poetry course in October to learn more about poetry, forms and literary devices.

Let’s buckle up and journey with me through poetryland!

Today’s theme and task is: Screen, Haiku, Alliteration

Silent Still Screen

Staring straight into,
Silent still screen hardly blink,
Streams of soft click click.

Beyond the flat screen,
Behold wonders of the world,
Within an arm’s reach,
Knowledge more than I can take,
Information overload.

A little note on practice: I’m mixing and matching up the assignment a bit. First stanza is a haiku with alliteration, followed by a tanka in second stanza with free writing.