Just Write It! NaNoWriMo In Less Than A Week!


The writing heat is turned on
Feel the uncontainable excitement
2015 is my first Nano
Can my pen fly 50,000 words in a month?

Prep has started in October
I have a story to write
The beginning is inching closer
I think I’m running out of ideas, oh my

Dear readers, 6 days later
I will be busy with Nano
Most of my blog matters
Will resume after November

From time to time
I shall post some update
If you check in this blog of mine
You may catch me between some dates


11 thoughts on “Just Write It! NaNoWriMo In Less Than A Week!

  1. I’m signed but I am not sure if I will be able to do it. I also have a new client next month so will be really busy.

    I think I could easily write the volume of words, but it would be nonsense haha.

    The biggest thing I am worried about is the writing style; I read a lot, and I see there are lot’s of ways to write novels that technically I have never done e.g. 1st person / 3rd person perspectives etc.

    If I do it I am going to wing it on plot and story, my idea is to write about a couple trying to have a relationship in a big city.

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    • You know what~~ I’m writing a similar story too!!
      It’s a romance actually~~

      After researching on the net, the key is to keep writing without interrupting the flow, so although it may seemed like nonsense just make a mark and come back to edit after November~

      I was stumped too at so many ways to write a novel, but blogs and internet do help a lot, as long as we spend a little time to understand it 😀

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  2. Good luck and hang in there! I did it last year, and though it took a lot of writing, it was a great experience. I’ve got too much blogging this year to participate, but I almost wish I was doing it. It’s fun!

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