Writing 201 : Poetry — Perfect Day

Uh oh~ Writing 201 has officially ended last Friday but I’m still at Day 7’s task with the theme Neighbourhood, in the form of Ballad using poetic device Assonance.

Perfect day

On a perfect morning perfect day
Not a single worry come my way
Open my eyes embrace today
Happy is the word I will say

My colour pencils sprawl over the table
I forgot to water the flowers, still it’s blooming
Birds sing tunes from nature’s fable
I remember it’s a day worth celebrating

My painting against the window
Half complete half incomplete
Overlooking the streets below
Inspiration I draw from hustle feet

Today’s a day to live up and be counted
Bliss in mind, lightness in heart I step out
In this city I stroll ever so passionate
Explore little things in life that I missed out


A little note on practice : Can’t think of any powerful message to convey in a ballad, so I write about simple things in life 🙂

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