Writing 201 : Poetry — That Look

Had a busy schedule last week and I’m falling behind on Writing 201 😳

Trying to catch up so this is Day 4’s task with the theme Imperfect, in the form of Limerick using poetic device Enjambment.

That look

I better be scared cos I think
My cat is plotting something
Her eyes follow my every single move
Wait… Is that a glint of evil look?
I am not perfectly sure.

A little note on practice : I’m thoroughly bad at writing funny or humourous poems 😦 And I struggle to make that final line a punch~ Any comment is most appreciated, thank you~

15 thoughts on “Writing 201 : Poetry — That Look

  1. I like the poem. I also think the photo of the cat above is delightful. You know, the cats are thinking, plotting something. And by the time we find out what, it will be too late. Which I think makes the last line a punchline–and funny–for the voice in the poem beginning to be a little disconcerted about the cat conspiracy. The whole limerick is fun to read and hear. Thank you!

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