Book Review: Tremor by Patrick Carman (Book #2 Pulse Trilogy)

Where I Bought : eBook
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Rating : 4/5 stars

Continuing from the first book, the action slowed down in Tremor.

Compare to Pulse’s page turner, the second book offered more explanation.

Despite all of that it was a fast read because I wanted to find out the truth, and for this the author did not disappoint.

Please read on if you don’t mind minor spoilers.

If you have read the first book, you would’ve known Dylan was the key person to unlock Faith’s powers. Their relationship took a step further in this book and they fell in love with each other.

Actually I enjoyed reading the romance budding between them, both have internal issues to deal with yet they found solace in each other. Both have great powers yet they chose to do the right thing.

In this book we learned that the team of good people that Faith and Dylan’s on is planning to infiltrate the enemy’s base yet the master plan is still kept in dark. Who and what are Faith and Dylan saving? Why is the enemy planning on an attack? What is the enemy’s real purpose?

Secrets were let out of the bag one by one but not all at once, the author had hidden it cleverly to lure readers. Most questions were answered but there are still many to be answered. And this is why I need to hop on to the third book, can’t wait!

This book is definitely recommended for those who seek for a thrilled read, who can stay intrigued and won’t flip to the end of the book. Even though you flip to the end, you won’t find the answers because they are told and scattered all over the three books.

And of course you have to read the middle book for the sense of continuity 😛

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