Just Write It! NaNoWriMo In Less Than A Week!


The writing heat is turned on
Feel the uncontainable excitement
2015 is my first Nano
Can my pen fly 50,000 words in a month?

Prep has started in October
I have a story to write
The beginning is inching closer
I think I’m running out of ideas, oh my

Dear readers, 6 days later
I will be busy with Nano
Most of my blog matters
Will resume after November

From time to time
I shall post some update
If you check in this blog of mine
You may catch me between some dates

Book Review: Quake by Patrick Carman (Book #3 Pulse Trilogy)

Where I Bought : eBook
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Rating : 5/5 stars

If you have noticed, the author named the book titles in this trilogy with one word which described the nature of pulsation in different magnitudes. And I think it is befitting to name the final book Quake because the story is as intense as the name sounds. It also means the impact that Faith could yield is as strong as a quake.

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Writing 201 : Poetry — Symphony

Finally I’ve made it!! I’ve reached the end of Writing 201 and to conclude it, the editors have came up with the famous poetry form “Sonnet”. I remembered studying Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18 during high school but sadly they didn’t teach poetry as in depth as they do here.

The last day’s theme is Pleasure, in the form of Sonnet using poetic device Apostrophe.


Fill the halls, dim the lights!
Dear musician, can you hear me?
The moment has arrived, set your mind free
As I tune the note, correct to right
On the music sheet is where you set your sight
The score starts in B minor key
The conductor now comes on stage, can you see?
Calm your nerves, let your music take flight!
There goes the notes, page by page
Magic baton in his hands, rise and fall
Everyone is a star on stage
Dear audience, are you enthralled?
Begins like the river it raged
And it ends like a calm after squall

A little note on practice : This is the rhyming form I used : a b b a a b b a c d c d c d

I was inspired by watching the piano concerto video of the recently crowned winner of the 17th International Chopin Competition — Seong Jin Cho.

Writing 201 : Poetry — Snowfall

Here’s my take on Day 9’s theme Cold, in the form of Concrete Poetry (poetry playing with shapes of words) using poetic device Anaphora/Epistrophe.


Falling on
Concrete pavement
Billowing smoke rises from
Chimney of every homely houses
Ringing of bells, she heard it
Ringing of bells, he heard it
Holding onto each other
Embracing each other
Is all they need to
Feel warm
Falling on
Concrete pavement

Little Steps #DefiningSuccess #memeespoetryparties


Day in day out I’ve been on the job
Wondering whether I’ve picked the perfect one
Always there’s something gnawing within
Slowly spreading all over my mind

Until one day uncertainty has taken over
I know this feeling has to stop, I have to do it
So I leave all the shining glitters behind
And started off looking for real gold

There is not a straight answer
To what’s running through my heart and mind
Time is not on my side
Yet I keep on searching deep into my soul

Until one day certainty has taken over
I know this decision has to begin, I have to do it
So I step out with little steps ahead
And started off looking for real success


*  Image courtesy of num_skyman at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

I’m taking part in Memee’s Poetry Parties challenge which is up in the middle of every month. If you enjoy reading, writing poetry as much as I do, please join me at Memee’s Poetry Parties current theme — Success Stories.

You could click on the link below to root for me or vote for other bloggers who participated too! Voting begins on the 25th and concludes at 23:55 PST on October 31st.

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50 Romance Plot Ideas!

If you’re into NaNoWriMo this year, here’s a post of 50 great ideas to create the conflict you need in a romance novel, written by Bryn. I’ve discovered her website yesterday and am loving it, she has written wonderful resource and ideas for writers, be sure to check her out!

Writing 201 : Poetry — Time Will Tell

Thanks to the encouragement of my readers, I shall finish Writing 201 by this week. Here’s my take on Day 8’s theme Flavor, in the form of Elegy using poetic device Enumeratio.

Time Will Tell

At the slips of my finger I let you go
Not that I won’t catch you but I couldn’t
Into unknown future I don’t know
Leaving sadness behind only left torment

Days and months gone by
May, June, July and August
Not able to show even a single goodbye
Not a day went by without pain strongest

Every night I can taste the flavour of my tears
Sobbing gently afraid I would break again my broken heart
Did it mean nothing to you all those years?
What we built was beyond repair and fallen apart

They said time will heal
I wish for memories that have never been
Only time will tell
Seconds, minutes, hours, days until I get over you

Writing 201 : Poetry — Perfect Day

Uh oh~ Writing 201 has officially ended last Friday but I’m still at Day 7’s task with the theme Neighbourhood, in the form of Ballad using poetic device Assonance.

Perfect day

On a perfect morning perfect day
Not a single worry come my way
Open my eyes embrace today
Happy is the word I will say

My colour pencils sprawl over the table
I forgot to water the flowers, still it’s blooming
Birds sing tunes from nature’s fable
I remember it’s a day worth celebrating

My painting against the window
Half complete half incomplete
Overlooking the streets below
Inspiration I draw from hustle feet

Today’s a day to live up and be counted
Bliss in mind, lightness in heart I step out
In this city I stroll ever so passionate
Explore little things in life that I missed out


A little note on practice : Can’t think of any powerful message to convey in a ballad, so I write about simple things in life 🙂