Book Review: Pulse by Patrick Carman (Book #1 Pulse Trilogy)

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Rating : 4/5 stars

I was thinking of reading Patrick Carman’s Pulse trilogy before it gets turned into movies like The Hunger Games, Divergent or The Maze Runner (hmm… that’s a lot of YA books being adapted recently).

Before I begin I would like to express my recent opinion on these YA trilogy books. They have lots of points in common and seemed to fall into a similar plot.

  • Walls — literally or not —  being built barring the remaining civilization from the new world
  • A group of people who doesn’t fit in the norms
  • Rise of the rebellions toppling villains / evil authority
  • Obstacles presented to the characters and they have to break free from their internal struggle to emerge victorious

Walls in the Insurgent movie (2nd part in Divergent trilogy)

Maze walls in the Maze Runner (1st part in Maze Runner trilogy)

Pretty much sum it up 😛

Alright, getting back to my review… The first book started off slow, taking time to introduce readers to a dystopian world in year 2051. Climate change is inevitable, shorelines rising and population around the globe flee taking refuge in the new found States, which I deduced is a modern futuristic city hovering above ground.

The States are utopia, a contrast to the dying world beneath it. Entering the city is voluntary and many still chose to remain outside although the number is dwindling. People getting into the States grow by day succumbing to temptation of a promising and perfect life in the new place.

Faith is a high school student who stayed out of the States’ influence. This story follows her through life in a dilapidated high school with her best friend, making new friends and later thrown into an adventure of her lifetime when she discovered that she has special abilities.

I shall not spoil more of the story here because the author drop clues early on that are important to unfold subsequent events. I read faster than I could figure the answers. There were plenty of twists making this book a fast paced and thrilled read.

In the middle of reading a strange feeling came over me. I felt that this book reminded me very much of Harry Potter series. Not the similarity in genre but the way the author placed small hints in the development of the story that readers won’t realize until the gradual revelation as it climbed to the climax. It has been quite long since I had this similar reading experience and I’m happy that this book did it.

However I’m stopping short of 5 stars because I felt the deserted world that Patrick Carman created would be more interesting if the depth of the characters are explored. It’s a let down that Faith came across as the youth in anger, Hawk the goofy but smart kid, and other characters who generally embodied a typical youth attitude with little to expect.

If you’re looking for a pumped up beginning to a trilogy, not concerned with less developed characters, then this is the book for you. It falls into the YA trilogy plotline I mentioned above. Oh, and a sweet love story in between too, which I kind of like 🙂


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