Travel Trinkets : Postcards from Macau

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Postcards from Macau commemorating the places I’ve visited.
Unforgettable, the day I stepped foot on this land was a miscalculated day.
The weather was very cold, out of expectation.
Well at least we don’t have to explore under sweltering hot sun.

In response to “Travel Trinket and Memories” hosted by Leanne every Thursday on her blog NihongoJapango.

7 thoughts on “Travel Trinkets : Postcards from Macau

  1. I like that you have a collection of post cards. I sometimes find i just can’t get the shot i want so I by a postcard too. Sometimes I write a letter to myself and send it home. My friend’s kids love getting postcards from away too. I love the way you have framed these against black in your post. really makes them stand out. I too have memories of getting the weather wrong too but it didn’t dampen the trip! Thanks for participating again!!!!!!!

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    • Hahaha, I did the same thing too! Writing postcards from foreign places and send them back home so when I come back home I receive memories of being there. I even request my friends to send them their postcards from other countries too :p
      Yup it didn’t dampen the trip in fact we treat it as experiencing the other side of Macau 😀


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