Camera Lucida — The Colour of Life

thriving greens


The plants were barely living when we planted them,
One of it branches dying, leaves yellowed,
Another transferred to our home,
It was few months ago.
⭐ ⭐ ⭐
They are thriving,
Young leaves sprout into existence,
Green and teeming with life.

In response to this week’s Camera Lucida — The Colour of Life

Catch Of The Day — RM5 Fiesta Book Haul



Catch of the day! Here are books I got from the RM5 Fiesta book sale 2 days ago.

  • The minute I walked in I spotted Clare Vanderpool’s Navigating Early. Having read her awesome first book Moon Over Manifest, I’m thrilled to find her second book.
  • Too happy to unearth Maeve Binchy’s books, been searching for her work for ages. And getting her debut novel Light a Penny Candle is amazing!
  • Amy Tan’s book is a signed copy, how could I not get that???
  • Two Michael Ondaatje’s book added into my collection. After reading The English Patient I wanted to read more of his novels.
  • Hit the Ground Running has a very interesting blurb for a non-fiction, can’t wait to get started.

I’m off to read more books, see you later and thanks for reading ❤