Visit to RM5 Fiesta 2015


Colourful array of fiction books

It was exhilarating to see what seemed like an endless sea of books.

Whole expo hall was stacked with millions of English books comprising of genres like self-help, business, fiction, crime, mystery, YA, reference, cookbooks, children and etc. No matter thick or thin; hardcover or paperback, every book on sale is priced at RM5 each (~USD1.20).

This sale is still going on at the time of posting, you may find the details I’ve posted earlier here — The RM5 Fiesta (2015) Is Coming Soon!


All heads down 😀

Surprisingly the crowd was not too packed for a Saturday afternoon. Guess it’s due to the sluggish economy.


Non fiction area

Took me almost 4 hours to browse through just non-fiction and fiction. I’ve skipped children, cookbooks and reference materials.

As for the condition of the books, those with multiple copies stacked at the highlighted area were all new; those spine up display contained mixed condition — new, slightly worn, compressed and a few out of shape.

Most books I noticed were intact and had no missing pages. I was lucky that the books I wanted were all in pretty good condition.


Searching for books with patience

More than 50% of the hall was dedicated to fiction books. Patience is required as the books were not in alphabetical order.


Fiction A to Z

Will the stock deplete? I doubt it because I saw working staff opening and replenishing boxes of books onto the tables.

Near the exit at the end of the hall they have a segment selling stationery, arts and craft supplies.


Cashier counters were aplenty and no long queues observed.

I was excited and happy to have discovered several books from my favourite authors ❤ They were lovely finds.

Stay tune tomorrow as I shall post my “Catch of the day — Book Haul”. 😀

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