Food Review: PuRe Space 朴乐空间 @ Klang


PuRe Space 朴乐空间 @ Klang

Amidst the quiet town of Klang, there is a quieter place where you can rest your feet and nest comfortably to appreciate life’s simplicity. This place is called PuRe Space.

PuRe Space is a cottage turned B&B restaurant located at the end of the road. Bordering green lush trees, it is a quaint place to wind down with partner and friends for a private gathering.


Wall decor made from used materials


I fell in love with the environment as soon as I walked in. Their tables, chairs and decoration are made of upcycled materials.


Daily menu on display

Look at the desks~ so nostalgic! They reuse old primary school desks and chairs to hold menu, potted plants and miscellaneous items.


Clever use of old desks and items

The restaurant serves home cooked vegetarian food and rotates their food menu everyday. The list of daily menu is listed on the blackboard. They also publish the daily menu on their Facebook page.


Table with light bulbs underneath

We settled down at a table inside the cottage. Their tables are artfully decorated with a see-through glass holding recycled household items and ornaments.

We ordered from the daily menu two sets of banana leaf Indian rice, banana rolls and a pot of honey lemon tea.

This cute place will keep your mind and eyes busy while waiting for food to be served. We walked around checking out the interior decoration and rooms for homestay.


Banana leaf Indian rice, RM13

Our food arrived and we tucked in for our hearty meal. They served brown rice for the banana leaf and the side dishes are healthy and delicious. The rassam falls flat on taste though and I find the portion is quite small for a price tagged at RM13.


Banana Rolls, RM9

The banana rolls were plated nicely and packed with whole bunch of greens. We ate it whole munching the big rolls and it tasted lovely.

The veggies choices made by the chef goes well together — I tasted a hint of sesame oil — a mouthful of sweetness and a tinge of savoury, this is definitely recommended! I saw other diners ordered the banana rolls too.


Honey lemon tea, RM15

Our pot of honey lemon tea is a great choice. The honey blended well with the strong lemony zest of the tea. It is best to drink while served hot.

However I think this pot of tea is overpriced. The pot could only serve around 3~4 cups of tea and if refilled with hot water it will dilute the taste. With that price it should be bottomless refill of the same lemony tea.

After having our meal, we hanged out for a little while, explored around and took some pictures. This place offers homestay accommodation, venue for rental and occasionally hosting lifestyle activities. Oh~ And there’s a piano near the register area, I think guests could play some tunes on it.

PuRe Space advocates the concept of happiness and simplicity in life. I would settle at a 4 star rating for the unique tranquility, healthy food and the perfect spot for a serene meeting but a high price tag on meals.

My Rating : 4/5

PuRe Space 朴乐空间
No. 2, Lorong Limau Besar,
Off Jalan Meru, 41050 Klang, Selangor. 

Operating Hours :
Weekday >>> Mon — Thurs : 11.30am – 4.30pm
Weekday Reservation Time >>> Mon — Thurs : 9.00am – 3.00pm
Weekend >>> Fri — Sun : 12.00pm – 9.00pm
Weekend Reservation Time >>> Fri — Sun : 9.00am – 7.00pm
Restaurant is closed on Wednesday.
*No GST and no service charge

Website : PuRe Space
Facebook : PuRe Space FB

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