Sweet Vengeance


Thank you Memee for featuring my poem “Sweet Vengeance” as the favourite poem in her August Poetry Party

Memee hosts a monthly poetry challenge on her blog Memee’s Musing. If you love poetry as much as I do, please head over to her site and join in the fun too!

Memee's Musings

Sweet Vengeance was voted favorite poem in August’s poetry party: Dish Best Served Cold. It was submitted by Yen. To discover more of her writings go check out her Kitten Notes at Little Calico’s Journal. And don’t forget to scratch on her wall and let her know you discovered her here, at Memee’s Musings, and wanted to read more!

via Little Calico’s Journal
Author: xiaohuamaobiji

Sweet Vengence | Memee's Poetry Parties

Never have I hated someone, Measured up to this magnitude, Putting all my vileness upon, Cringing at her disgusted attitude. I want to rip her mask off, Uncover the ugliness, Show the world what she’s made of, Atrocity in what she does. I waited for the right moment, Pouncing at the chance of revenge, Let her writhe in atonement, Denied of a second chance. Triumphed over my victory, Total defeat she conceded, She has learnt ultimately in misery, For my vengeance has succeeded.

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8 thoughts on “Sweet Vengeance

  1. September’s poetry challenge is posted and begins tomorrow. Another challenging subject! Never fear though, the holidays are near and we’ll get chipper again shortly!

    Check your email for your one-of-a-kind award (it is in the email about the current party).

    ☀ Memee

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