Book Review: The Secrets of Lake Road by Karen Katchur

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Rating : 5/5 stars

This is Karen Katchur’s debut novel depicting a story which is set in the Pocono Mountains and its surrounding area.

The image reminds me so much of what autumn looks like in Northeastern Pennsylvania that I could imagine it as a cover for one of my books.

Excerpt from Karen Katchur’s official website

Although Karen mentioned autumn, the book is about a story happening in the summer instead. A story originated from the small colony of inns — inhabited by local community and tourists alike — surrounding the lake. The settlement is connected by the Lake Road with a happening Pavilion situated at the lakefront.

It was the summer of twelve years old that would be a life changing experience for Caroline. She is on a usual family trip to the lake with her mother and brother, staying over with their grandma and spending time with friends at the lakeside. But amidst the summer fun, Caroline’s was caught in confusion as ever regarding her feelings for her mother Jo, who had always distanced herself.

The usual trip turned unusual as a seven year old young girl went missing. The uneasiness of the community spread out as underwater rescue went underway. The search mission did uncover something but it was a fragment of the past. A set of bones which don’t belong to the young girl.

Jo was shaken by the discovery. Something that she has been trying to hide for years has resurfaced. Will this secret shatter the tranquility of the lake community, which is already at the cracking edge?

Karen’s layering of the mysteries is amazing. First it was the mystery of the missing young girl, then another mystery about the secret that Jo’s hiding, stacked upon the first leaving readers wanting for more. Every chapter ended with a hook making this book a real page turner.

This quote below is the very first paragraph of the novel, exciting isn’t it?

No one touched the bottom of the lake and lived. If you were lucky, you’d surface wide-eyed and frantic, babbling at the darkness, the thickness of what lay below. If you were unlucky, underwater recovery dragged the lake for your body.

Beautiful lake surrounded by towering mountains is a paradise for a summer escapade but be warned to admire the lake at your own risk.

Many themes appeared throughout the novel. It was fused with underlying legends of the lake, a glimpse into the thoughts of young children and their world, relationship tug of war between adults and young dangerous love. Each theme was carved out in curves of the lake and shadows of the mountains. Tales that could only be told if you’re a part of the landscape.

A special note on a young boy named Adam, he’s my favourite character. The way the author described him is so adorable, I feel like I want to hug him! He’s an innocent and persistent character but not without principles of his own.

To sum it all up, I’m giving a good recommendation to pick up this book and have a go at it before summer ends! Bask in the beauty of nature but do keep in mind that nature also has it’s destructive course.

Thanks to this book I’ve discovered Pocono Mountains which is a very idyllic place located in Pennsylvania. Here’s a picture collection of the lakeside as how I’ve imagined while reading this book.

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