This Is Why I Would Become A Space Traveller

Would I travel to space? Oh yes I would.

The outer space has always, and will always be fascinating to me. If only we could travel through the universe like how we travel to another country.

Imagine the world we would live in if space travel is possible. Here are a few scenarios I could think of based on lots of sci-fi movies watched since childhood:

1. Encountering aliens. Hostile ones in deep space. Like those in “Alien” movies, which terrorized me so much back then I couldn’t walk to the back porch alone even when my parents were in the hall.

2. Encountering aliens too. Deadly ones at our own backyard. Like those who zapped you to death in “War of the Worlds”.

3. Encountering aliens again. But good ones. A hero like Superman who can save humankind and those in “Transformers” who could prevent world apocalypse.

4. Intergalactic wars. Star Wars anyone? My childhood would not be complete without it.

5. Traveling via wormholes. Jump in for the adventure of your life through the wormhole portal in “Stargate SG-1” series. Where you can explore mysterious planets, meet higher beings while the bad aliens tried to wipe you out.

6. Black holes. I wouldn’t want to mess with one. Remember how a gargantua blackhole messed with time in the movie “Interstellar”? Best movie I’ve watched last year.

7. Meaning of life. Finding answers about evolution, origins, creation and other mind boggling questions like the classic “2001: Space Odyssey” and “Prometheus”.

You see… Even though we may have higher chance of meeting unfriendly aliens or fatal adventures while traveling in space, given the chance I would definitely space travel (in alternate reality of course~ hahahaha)

In response to this week’s Stellar and Lunar Challenge Roundup #15 (Aug 27) with the question: Would you want to visit outer space? Why or why not? 

Stellar and Lunar Challenge is hosted by Sarah once a week every Thursday on her blog tuckedintoacorner.


13 thoughts on “This Is Why I Would Become A Space Traveller

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    • You’re welcome Sarah 🙂
      About the pop culture I’m not too sure either. For this post I elaborated my ideas by making references to sci-fi movies that I’ve watched. They’ve been a huge influence on me 😉


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