Book Review: Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

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Rating : 3/5 stars

According to my search on internet, this book was a hit in 2007. The readers either admired it or they totally loathed it. The reviews were extreme. Back then I didn’t know this book’s existence.

Fast forwarding to a few years later (2010), this book was adapted into a movie starring Julia Roberts. Soon after it premiered the books were promoted all over storefront of local bookshops, selling like hotcakes. Even my friend — who I think only read magazines — picked up this book because it was a fad back then. It was then I knew about this book’s existence but somehow interest eluded me.

So in August 2015 — 5 years later — to understand its popularity, I began reading this book. In fact I started reading it before checking anything off the internet.

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