The Lonely Satellite

Eternal entity
Never looked back
Drifting endlessly
Up and away from home
Ran out of course
Alone floating in space
No one came finding
Cold hot it does not feel
Enduring time, the lonely satellite

My first attempt at acrostic poem is inspired by this week’s Stellar and Lunar Challenge Roundup #14 (Aug 20) themed Enduring/Endurance.

Stellar and Lunar Challenge is hosted by Sarah once a week every Thursday on her blog tuckedintoacorner.

*Photo credited to

5 thoughts on “The Lonely Satellite

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  2. I love this. Something like a satellite is very beyond my grasp – at least me, personally – and this kind of makes it a bit more relatable.

    And of course, the striking out on one’s own isn’t all fun and games. I think you capture this nicely. Thanks for contributing!

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