Sweet Vengeance #dishbestservedcold

Never have I hated someone,
Measured up to this magnitude,
Putting all my vileness upon,
Cringing at her disgusted attitude.

I want to rip her mask off,
Uncover the ugliness,
Show the world what she’s made of,
Atrocity in what she does.

I waited for the right moment,
Pouncing at the chance of revenge,
Let her writhe in atonement,
Denied of a second chance.

Triumphed over my victory,
Total defeat she conceded,
She has learnt ultimately in misery,
For my vengeance has succeeded.

I’m taking part in Memee’s Poetry Parties challenge which is up in the middle of every month. If you enjoy reading, writing poetry as much as I do, please join me at Memee’s Poetry Parties current theme — Vengeance.

You could click on the link below to root for me or vote for other bloggers who participated too!

⭐ ⭐  Vote for your favourite poetry @ Memee’s Poetry Parties  ⭐ ⭐


8 thoughts on “Sweet Vengeance #dishbestservedcold

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  2. Or don’t edit, it is your poem! Jes is right though, it does have a wonderful rhythm. I hope you enjoyed the challenge!

    Here is the link to your participation badge. Resize and use however you like. You did a fantastic job and I hope you’ll continue to participate.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh I didn’t realize that until you’ve mentioned and I already submitted the poem.Guess I shall leave this as it is and take extra care on the next one. Thanks so much for pointing that out 😉


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