The Last Hope

GloomyTown“What did you see in your vision?”
“I saw the end of the world.” the Oracle replied.
She frowned “Is there no hope?”
“I’m afraid not unless we found The Bearer.”

She leaned towards the Oracle “Who is The Bearer? And how would this stop the world from ending?” The Oracle bore into the window of her soul intensely “The Bearer will shoulder all hopes of humanity, taking on the armada of invasion with the help mustered. For only The Bearer is able to see through the annihilation with clarity and know what to do.”

As she was about to speak again, the Oracle lifted the right palm indicating to answer the single most important question. “The Bearer will rise at the turn of two centuries, in a country far north. The signs will appear in the midst of the gravest calamity at that crossing.”

The Oracle drifted back to meditation. She knew well enough that this was the best information she could get. Half decade of her life — sacrificed — in return for the readings of the Oracle, the last prophecy to end all prophecies.

The sky was gloomy as she stepped out onto the cobbled street, just like her future. Uncertainty got hold of her. Would she live long enough to witness rise of The Bearer?
Confusion got hold of her. Why was this task bestowed upon her?

Looking up to the sky, she was hoping to find some answers hanging on the grey clouds.

Yes, there are too many questions but rarely answers.

And at that moment, a ball of resolution formed in her heart. A direction on her strayed path. She would embark on a journey to seek for answers. Until the Judgment Day.

This week’s flash fiction is inspired by this week’s Stellar and Lunar Challenge Roundup #13 (Aug 13) themed hopeful.

Stellar and Lunar Challenge is hosted by Sarah once a week every Thursday on her blog tuckedintoacorner.

* Photo credited to Gualberto107 from

3 thoughts on “The Last Hope

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  2. I love it. From having no hope to the faint beginnings thereof, and the resolution. I could almost see her straighten her shoulders, stand tall and keep going.

    Also love the Oracle and Bearer – says to me a hint of mythology?

    Thanks for contributing!

    Liked by 1 person

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