Book Review: Faery Tale by Signe Pike

Where I Bought : Popular Bookstore
Price : I’ve forgotten 😦
Rating : 4/5 stars

Do you still believe in fairy tales? Do fairies and mythological creatures exist?

Living in reality we constantly find ourselves lost in the struggles to make ends meet. Our thoughts are filled with recent events, paying the bills, work issues and maintaining relationship with people. Is there a time when we can sit down quietly, reflect on our pasts in order to shape thoughts for our future and finding out the meaning of life?

I guess this is what happened to Signe Pike.

Faery Tale is a story based on the true adventures of Signe where she left behind a book editor career in New York to recover the faith in humanity, the innocence we once had and beautiful myths that had been left behind.

Traveling across continents from America to Mexico, England, The Isle of Man, Ireland and Scotland serve as another purpose for Signe. It is a healing journey to accept her father’s death and come to terms with the memories and loss of him.

Are you thinking what I’m thinking?
Did Signe really discover magical beings?
Well then you have to read the book for yourself to find out… (Hahaha just kidding)

In fact the answer to my question (and your question) appeared at the second chapter into the book.

This chapter tells of Signe’s first real encounter which happened during her yoga and meditation trip to Mexico. It certainly got my curiosity piqued on how this meeting would unfold and how she could handle the situation.

Without spoiling you more of the story, you really need to pick up this book and read it to believe it (I’m at it again 😛 )

In fact while reading this I began to recall whether I have encountered any fairy which is sadly to say it didn’t happen. However I want to share my experience that sometimes if I immerse myself in nature I can sense something magical in the air. Be it in the midst of soft wind whispers or hearing gently rustling leaves, the voices of nature roused something enchanting inside me. Perhaps there are still mysteries, how to connect to nature and things that extend beyond our understanding, yet to be discovered by human.

Back to the book, there are certain aspects that aren’t plausible to me. Take for example, although Signe is embarking on a journey of a lifetime to search for the spiritual world, she is actually quite skeptical throughout her exploration which came through unconvincing for the readers. There are few incidents that could have washed away her doubts yet she is hesitating to open up herself and put faith into it and embrace the connection with spirits. However I empathize with her too as it is not easy to let go of your current belief to wander into something unknown.

Another point which left me hanging is her path to healing. Snippets of flashback on the relationship with her father and her family are aplenty but after completing the book I still didn’t get it on how she overcome her pain and let go of the past.

Oh and then there is a chilly part in the book where Signe uncovered a mysterious incident. That creeps me out as it reminded me of The Blair Witch Project.

Nevertheless Signe’s description of the abandoned forests, ancient pagan sites, quaint countryside and traveling memoirs are a delightful read. Especially if you’re into enchanting landscapes and would love to listen to true local believers who shared their stories.

I recommend this book for those who are seeking to reignite the magic and enchantment in life. Perhaps you could gain insight into meaning of life and spiritual healing after reading this book.


4 thoughts on “Book Review: Faery Tale by Signe Pike

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  3. These are interesting questions. I believe there are angels and ghosts. I also read some psychological explanation for seeing unusual things. When the eyes are tired staring or reading, the retina sees colors or images that are not real. Maybe some people mistake this phenomena; and think they saw some mythical creatures.

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    • I believe that there is something out there which we do not understand. Actually I’ve visited the author’s website and she has provided some evidence like recording and pictures during her exploration trip.
      It’s really fascinating and it’s up to us whether we want to believe or not, unless we experienced it for ourselves!


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