Book Review: Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

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Rating : 4/5 stars

Just by looking at the title you could roughly guess what happened in the book.

Little did Caroline know after her move into a new apartment, she is in for nightmares at night, awakened by her neighbour Simon’s active romps. Different woman different nights rocked the thin walls between the two units, disturbing her sleep and worsen her frustration over her deprived sexual life.

Their first encounter is a showdown between a disgruntled Caroline and a caught in surprise Simon at their apartment, then followed by another unexpected meet in a party. Tugged by this chanced meet, their awkwardness blooms into a friendship edged with flirtation.

The author has seriously funny writing styles that got me chuckled at some scenes. A first for me though as I rarely laugh out when I’m reading. I enjoyed reading the budding relationship between these two and it fits into my preference for contemporary romance.

There is no overflowing literary prose, only interesting conversation that people would actually say. There is a simplistic charm in Alice’s writing that draws me in. Most of the characters are relatable without much elaboration, their personalities are imprinted on me without being too one dimensional.

Well… except for Clive, the only feline character in this book.

I adore cats, however Clive certainly doesn’t seem adorable for me. I read reviews that readers absolutely love Clive but to me the author’s account on Clive’s behaviour is exaggerated. If you read the book you will notice that normal cats would not behave in such way.

That being said, is the only obvious flaw which got this book a 4 out of 5.

I would recommend this book for a humorous read and for those who are into contemporary romance. And probably some weird cat action. 🙂


3 thoughts on “Book Review: Wallbanger by Alice Clayton

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  2. Hi Yen. I enjoyed reading this review. Can you write more about the cat’s weird behavior. That will be interesting to know for those who never read the book. Maybe write a new post on weird cat behaviors. You can also start a new post on the collection of books that contain a cat. 🙂

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    • Glad that you enjoy reading this Jessica, your suggestions are wonderful, I’ve included them into my drafts for post ideas.

      Hmm as for Clive the cat, I find the author “humanize” him too much, for example when he heard the next door girl “meowing” he was pacing back and forth at the foot of Caroline’s bed and then went crazy and launched himself at the wall, climbing at it wailing cat chorus with the next door actions. Because Clive was swooned by the girl’s sensual sounds.”He glared at me and stalked off to the living room” are some of those description of Clive.

      By typing this it got me to thinking, perhaps cats do really behave like human? Hmmmm~~~


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