Melodious Friday — Cloudless

Hello! Welcome to the first post of my Melodious Friday feature.

Sitting here thinking of which music to share, it was then I decided that today I would like to dive in and share something deeply soulful.

I remember hearing this song for the first time as credits rolled at end of the movie Rabbit-Proof Fence.

It was a true story about three aboriginal girls who were forcibly taken from their mother to be trained as domestic servants. They made a bold escape from the camp and embarked on an epic 1,500 mile journey back home on foot by following the rabbit-proof fence which runs along west Australia.

Peter Gabriel is the composer behind this beautiful music which expressed the tales of the Stolen Generations perfectly.

The chants of the aboriginal voices transports you into the wilderness with nothing but bare soul, living the stories lamented by the tribes who inhabited the lands before time.

Forget about modernization, forget about the steel jungle.

Along with this evocative music Cloudless, let your soul free and roam about in the wide desert, with only the wildlife as your companion and constellation at night as your compass.


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