Blogging 101 : Saturday Extra Suggestions

Aww… The Blogging 101 assignments had reached an end yesterday. However today and tomorrow Blogging U will wrap up with a few suggestions about what to do next for our blogs, as below.

Some reflection for today:

Review your posts to date and use them to brainstorm

Today I’ve learned that one of my readers has actually ordered the book which I did a review on last month. For this I am truly overwhelmed and honoured because I know that the work I laboured on has benefited you who are reading this, and helped you in some way. Thank you so much for believing in me!

Besides these few days I have been struck by quite a number of posting ideas which I already saved in draft, hence my topics will not run dry in near future.

Make some social calls.

Visiting and commenting on other blogs is what I frequently do too. Because I have started out as a new blogger too with zero followers and zero comments, thus I appreciate those who helped out starters and boost their confidence in blogging.

Besides, there are just so many interesting blogs out there, it’s such a waste not to explore! ❤

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