Blogging 101 : Create a New Posting Feature

This summer course is counting down to its last days, save tomorrow and Sunday for the extra homework, here is today’s task: Develop a regular feature for your blog.

I love Fridays, who doesn’t? 😛

So I choose to do a feature on Fridays…

Something that is an important part of me.

Thus I would like to introduce you to… Melodious Friday!

What is that? You may ask.

To answer that, Melodious Friday is the day where I would like to spread the joy of music.

Music has been around since the existence of human. Aside from speaking language, we communicate and express ourselves via tunes and music.

Every Friday I shall pick a piece of song/music from different genres along with some brief stories to share with you. Hopefully after listening to it, you would fall in love, or get inspired by the melodious music.

I would also welcome you to share your favourite songs with me too, whether it’s your beach collection, favourite song in shower or a piece of music that moved you deeply.

Let’s us speak in the universal language of music! ❤


Note: Melodious Friday will start next Friday (31/7) 😀


8 thoughts on “Blogging 101 : Create a New Posting Feature

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