Blogging 101 : Try (Another) Blogging Event

What an eventful day! Here’s today’s assignment: Pick a blogging event from the Community Event Listings, and participate in the next round.

I have participated in quite a few weekly events already and for today’s assignment I thought of finding for a non-weekly event to ease up my schedule a bit. Browsing through the monthly, bi-weekly events, some topics are interesting alas the organizers has stopped updating their events and some event pages doesn’t exist anymore. 😦

So I resorted back to weekly challenges as they have more choices and are frequently updated.

Here’s a challenge I’ve selected for today: Travel Trinket and Memories Challenge. If you’re interested, do check out this challenge on the hostess Leanne’s blog NihongoJapango.

And a link to my new post for this challenge entitled Travel Trinkets : Tiny Doll from Taiwan

Hope you enjoy the picture and have a nice day!


4 thoughts on “Blogging 101 : Try (Another) Blogging Event

  1. I do a monthly blogging poetry event. It is hard to keep people coming back month-after-month because many participants will forget and move on to other things. If you are interested I will pass along the link. I assume you moderate your comments so obvioulsy, you can choose not to post this if you’d like. My submission deadline for this month however is July 25th (tomorrow, Saturday). Enjoy the event you have chosen and happy blogging!

    There, I’ve written on your wall!

    &#9728: Memee

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